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Logbook for Dan Bates

46 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
Cave Arete-28/Nov/13Stanage Popular
Desperation-28/Nov/13Stanage Popular
Quietus-28/Nov/13Stanage High Neb
Mental Lentils-24/Nov/13Vivian Quarry
Too Bald to be Bold-24/Nov/13Vivian Quarry
Comes the Dervish-24/Nov/13Vivian Quarry
The Madness-24/Nov/13Vivian Quarry
Pull My Daisy-23/Nov/13Rainbow Slab Area
Chequers Buttress-13/Nov/13Froggatt Edge
Chequers Crack-13/Nov/13Froggatt Edge
Strapadictomy-13/Nov/13Froggatt Edge
Pilaster-20/Oct/13Dalkey quarry
Tower Ridge Direct-17/Oct/13Dalkey quarry
Street Fighter-17/Oct/13Dalkey quarry
The Fence-13/Oct/13Fair Head
Railroad-13/Oct/13Fair Head
Roaring Meg-12/Oct/13Fair Head
Girona-11/Oct/13Fair Head
Fáth Mo Bhuartha-11/Oct/13Fair Head
The Black Thief-10/Oct/13Fair Head
Fireball-10/Oct/13Fair Head
The Shield-07/Oct/13Dalkey quarry
Genesis-05/Oct/13Ailladie (Burren, Co. Clare)
Route 32-05/Oct/13Ailladie (Burren, Co. Clare)
Gallows Pole-05/Oct/13Ailladie (Burren, Co. Clare)
Sunstone-05/Oct/13Ailladie (Burren, Co. Clare)
Nutrocker-04/Oct/13Ailladie (Burren, Co. Clare)
Bonnain Bui-04/Oct/13Ailladie (Burren, Co. Clare)
Twikker-29/Sep/13Millstone Edge
Great Portland Street-29/Sep/13Millstone Edge
Billy Whizz-28/Sep/13Lawrencefield
Tippler Direct-27/Sep/13Stanage Popular
Calvary-27/Sep/13Stanage Plantation
Elegy-26/Sep/13Roaches Lower Tier
Wings of Unreason-26/Sep/13Roaches Skyline
Prelude to Space-26/Sep/13Roaches Skyline
Queersville-25/Sep/13Stanage Popular
Erb-24/Sep/13Millstone Edge
Embankment 4-24/Sep/13Millstone Edge
Lyons Corner House Direct-24/Sep/13Millstone Edge
Embankment 3-21/Sep/13Millstone Edge
Embankment 2-21/Sep/13Millstone Edge
Dexterity-21/Sep/13Millstone Edge
Bond Street-21/Sep/13Millstone Edge
Goliath's Groove-20/Sep/13Stanage Plantation