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NameStyleDate Crag name
Left Wall Traverse (horizontal shothole start)Sent rpt29/Dec/14Parisella's Cave
Left Wall Traverse Low (flake start)Sent rpt29/Dec/14Parisella's Cave
Bull's ProblemSent31/Aug/14Cromlech boulders
La Grande FissureSent x29/Apr/14Waunfawr Boulders
Moss Side CrackSent??/Apr/14Waunfawr Boulders
Royaume de Mousse GaucheSent??/Apr/14Waunfawr Boulders
Royaume de Mousse DroitSent??/Apr/14Waunfawr Boulders
Maine RoadSent??/Apr/14Waunfawr Boulders
Le Temple de la MousseSent??/Apr/14Waunfawr Boulders
Le Pays NoirSent??/Apr/14Waunfawr Boulders
Flied PiecatcherSent??/Apr/14Waunfawr Boulders
Flied Piecatcher sdsSent??/Apr/14Waunfawr Boulders
Pied FlycatcherSent??/Apr/14Waunfawr Boulders
Pied Flycatcher sdsSent??/Apr/14Waunfawr Boulders
P1Sent rpt25/Aug/13Caseg Boulder
P2Sent rpt25/Aug/13Caseg Boulder
P3Sent rpt25/Aug/13Caseg Boulder
P4Sent rpt25/Aug/13Caseg Boulder
Sheep Pen Traverse/Top Caseg Traverse (P5)Sent rpt25/Aug/13Caseg Boulder
Caseg AreteSent rpt25/Aug/13Caseg Boulder
P9Sent rpt25/Aug/13Caseg Boulder
P10Sent rpt25/Aug/13Caseg Boulder
P11Sent rpt25/Aug/13Caseg Boulder
P12Sent rpt25/Aug/13Caseg Boulder
Flip Flops and Fronded FernsSent x25/Jun/13Milestone Buttress Boulders
Boysen's RoofSent rpt09/Jun/13Wavelength Boulders
Scoop AreteSent rpt09/Jun/13Wavelength Boulders
The ShelfSent rpt09/Jun/13Wavelength Boulders
HellraiserSent rpt09/Jun/13Wavelength Boulders
King Of DrunksSent rpt09/Jun/13Wavelength Boulders
Small Potato WallSent rpt09/Jun/13Wavelength Boulders
Small Potato AreteSent rpt09/Jun/13Wavelength Boulders
Boysen's grooveSent rpt09/Jun/13Wavelength Boulders
Meadow CrackSent rpt09/Jun/13Wavelength Boulders
Meadow RoofSent rpt09/Jun/13Wavelength Boulders
Fish Skin WallSent x02/Jun/13Llyn Peris Walls
Dirty SlapperSent x24/Feb/13The Sheep Pen
Kingdom Of Rain (Main Block P4)Sent x24/Feb/13The Sheep Pen
Pinch RHSent x24/Feb/13The Sheep Pen
The FlakeSent rpt04/Jul/11Wavelength Boulders
Utopia CentralSent rpt04/Jul/11Wavelength Boulders
The GrooveSent rpt04/Jul/11Wavelength Boulders
Scoop AreteSent rpt04/Jul/11Wavelength Boulders
The ShelfSent rpt04/Jul/11Wavelength Boulders
Wavelength CentralSent rpt04/Jul/11Wavelength Boulders
King Of DrunksSent rpt04/Jul/11Wavelength Boulders
Small Potato AreteSent rpt04/Jul/11Wavelength Boulders
Wedgie LefthandSent rpt04/Jul/11Wavelength Boulders
NASASent x14/Jun/11Craig Y Llwyfan
PumpsvilleSent O/S26/Apr/11Bodafon Buttress
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