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Logbook for sadams

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Much Monkey Magic7a **Lead RPEric Hildrew07/Sep/14Cow Dale
The Main Motor Mile7a+ **Lead RPEric Hildrew07/Sep/14Cow Dale
Check Out6a+ Lead O/SEric Hildrew07/Sep/14Cow Dale
Moat People7b+ **Lead βTom Briggs16/Aug/14Water-cum-Jolly
Afloat in the Moat6c+ **Lead βTom Briggs16/Aug/14Water-cum-Jolly
Ozone Bozo7c **Lead RPTom Briggs25/May/14Stoney Middleton
Monochromef7B ***Sent 08/Dec/13Burbage North
Skylarkin'f7A+ *Sent 04/Aug/13Tideswell Dale
E.T. Bone Homef7A *Sent 04/Aug/13Tideswell Dale
Scrollf7A *Sent 04/Aug/13Tideswell Dale
Cipple's Crabf7A+ *Sent 04/Aug/13Tideswell Dale
Freda Directf6B *Sent 17/Jul/13Tideswell Dale
More Glee in the Junglef6A *Sent 17/Jul/13Tideswell Dale
The King of Ming (Redundant)7b+ **Lead βTom Briggs10/Jul/13Stoney Middleton
Chubby Aretef7A Sent 29/Jun/13Fossil Wall
Flakef4 Sent 29/Jun/13Fossil Wall
Sunshinef6B Sent 29/Jun/13Fossil Wall
Schadenfreudef7A+ Sent 29/Jun/13Fossil Wall
Pterodactylf4 Sent 29/Jun/13Fossil Wall
Homecomingf5+ Sent 29/Jun/13Fossil Wall
Un-named 6b Problemf6B **Sent 29/Jun/13Fossil Wall
Death Crackf5 Sent 29/Jun/13Fossil Wall
Avenue Qf6C Sent 25/Jun/13Fossil Wall
Conie Headf6A *Sent 19/Jun/13Conies Dale
Conie Blackburnf7A **Sent 19/Jun/13Conies Dale
Conie Montantf6B Sent 19/Jun/13Conies Dale
Conie Pepperonif6B *Sent 19/Jun/13Conies Dale
Conie Yeboahf7A *Sent 19/Jun/13Conies Dale
Conie Lamprechtf7A **Sent 19/Jun/13Conies Dale
A Lack of Colourf7B Sent 21/May/13Blackwell Dale
Rattle and Hump Start (hard way)f7B *Sent 14/May/13Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Saline Drip Startf7A *Sent 10/May/13Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Wild in Me Startf6C Sent 10/May/13Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Jerry's Traversef7A+ Sent 01/May/13Blackwell Dale
Fudgef7A Sent 01/May/13Blackwell Dale
Don't Jumpf6C *Sent 01/May/13Blackwell Dale
Jerry's Traverse Reversef7A+ **Sent 01/May/13Blackwell Dale
Red or Deadf7B *Sent 24/Apr/13Blackwell Dale
Left of Abattoirf6B *Sent 24/Apr/13Blackwell Dale
Broddle's BabyV6 6b Sent 17/Apr/13Burbage South Edge
Little LimmockV3 6a Sent 17/Apr/13Burbage South Edge
Fact HuntV7 6c *SentEric Hildrew21/Mar/13Baslow Edge
The RipperV7 6c **SentEric Hildrew21/Mar/13Baslow Edge
Little RichardV6 6b *SentEric Hildrew21/Mar/13Baslow Edge
Dirty BitchV6 6b SentEric Hildrew21/Mar/13Baslow Edge
The Balls TestV4 6a *SentEric Hildrew21/Mar/13Baslow Edge
Kiss Me Arse (Sit Start)V5 6b Sent 03/Mar/13Birchen Edge
Kiss Me SoftyV3 6b Sent 03/Mar/13Birchen Edge
Technical Genius AreteV4 6a *Sent 03/Mar/13Birchen Edge
LowsideV5 6b Sent 03/Mar/13Birchen Edge
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