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NameStyleDate Crag name
Zig Zag2nd31/Aug/06Bosigran
AlexasAltLd26/Aug/06Buckstone How
Groove TwoLead26/Aug/06Buckstone How
Adam2nd25/Aug/06Shepherds Crag
FinaleLead25/Aug/06Shepherds Crag
Brown Crag GroovesAltLd25/Aug/06Shepherds Crag
Forbidden FruitsLead21/Jul/06St. Govan's East
Bludgeon2nd21/Jul/06Stennis Head
RicochetLead20/Jul/06St. Govan's Head
War CrimeLead20/Jul/06St. Govan's Head
Panzer II2nd20/Jul/06St. Govan's Head
CalistoLead19/Jul/06St. Govan's East
First BloodLead19/Jul/06St. Govan's East
Rear Wind2nd19/Jul/06St. Govan's East
Chee Tor GirdleAltLd14/Jul/06Chee Dale Lower
ThanatosAltLd17/Jun/06Pillar Rock
ElectronAltLd17/Jun/06Pillar Rock
Not Hard2nd11/Jun/06Hardknott Crag
Copenhagen2nd11/Jun/06Hardknott Crag
The Groove2nd11/Jun/06Hare Crags
Slit WallLead11/Jun/06Hare Crags
Gargoyle DirectAltLd10/Jun/06Esk Buttress (Dow Crag)
Black SundayAltLd10/Jun/06Esk Buttress (Dow Crag)
Central PillarAltLd10/Jun/06Esk Buttress (Dow Crag)
Rylstone Wall DirectLead03/Jun/06Rylstone
Dental slab2nd03/Jun/06Rylstone
Monument CrackLead03/Jun/06Rylstone
Flesh and BloodLead01/May/06St. Govan's East
The Black Hand2nd23/Sep/05Lundy
The Devil's ChimneyAltLd22/Sep/05Lundy
The Devil's Slide2nd21/Sep/05Lundy
Formula OneLead20/Sep/05Lundy
The Indy 500Lead20/Sep/05Lundy
Sea GoonLead19/Sep/05Mowing Word
PuritanLead dog18/Sep/05Stackpole Head
Rake End Wall2nd04/Sep/05Pavey Ark
The Rib PitchLead04/Sep/05Pavey Ark
NimrodLead03/Sep/05Dow Crag
Eliminate 'A'AltLd02/Sep/05Dow Crag
Murray's Direct2nd01/Sep/05Dow Crag
Leopard;s CrawlLead01/Sep/05Dow Crag
The ReiverLead21/Aug/05Bleak How
Bleak How ButtressLead21/Aug/05Bleak How
Lakeland CragsmanLead20/Aug/05Sergeant Crag Slabs
Boris in WonderlandLead20/Aug/05Sergeant Crag Slabs
AphasiaLead20/Aug/05Sergeant Crag Slabs
Chimes of FreedomLead??/Aug/05Mowing Word
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