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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Josephine DirectHS 4b *-???/2013Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
JosephineHS 4b **-???/2013Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
NapoleonVS 4c *-???/2013Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
BlucherVS 4c *-???/2013Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Tufted CrackE2 5c **-???/2013Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
WalewskaVS 4c ***-???/2013Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Flake CrackHS 4a *-???/2013Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Fairy StepsHVD *-???/2013Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Josephine Super DirectVS 4b **-???/2013Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Old CrackVS 4b *AltLd O/S26/Aug/12Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
S CrackVS 4c ***AltLd O/S26/Aug/12Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Fairy Steps (direct start)MS *AltLd O/S26/Aug/12Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
ChisellerS 4a *AltLd O/S26/Aug/12Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
A ClimbS 4b ***AltLd O/S26/Aug/12Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Norse Corner ClimbHS 4c **-27/May/12Stanage North
Tango CrackVD *-27/May/12Stanage North
High Neb ButtressVS 4c ***-27/May/12Stanage North
Turret CrackHS 4b *-27/May/12Froggatt Edge
Heather WallHVD 3a ***-27/May/12Froggatt Edge
Tody's WallHVS 5a ***-27/May/12Froggatt Edge
Three Pebble SlabE1 5a ***-27/May/12Froggatt Edge
StrapiombanteE1 5b **-27/May/12Froggatt Edge
Sunset SlabHVS 4b ***-27/May/12Froggatt Edge
Sunset CrackHS 4c **-27/May/12Froggatt Edge
Hargreaves' Original RouteVS 4c ***-26/May/12Stanage Popular
April CrackHS 4b ***-26/May/12Stanage Popular
Via MediaVS 4c **-26/May/12Stanage Popular
Narrow Buttress (Direct Start)VS 5a **-26/May/12Stanage Popular
Naismith's RouteVD **2nd O/S06/May/12Am Basteir - Bhasteir Tooth
Espolón Central4c ***AltLd15/Oct/11Puig Campana
Espolón Central Directa4c (HS) *AltLd15/Oct/11Puig Campana
The Edward's Finish5a *AltLd15/Oct/11Puig Campana
Amarilla5c *-14/Oct/11Sierra de Toix
Green Route II5a **-14/Oct/11Sierra de Toix
Llobet/Bertomeu5c ***AltLd13/Oct/11Mascarat
Vía Pany5a *AltLd12/Oct/11Penon de Ifach
FrensisVS 5a *-01/Oct/11Brimham Rocks
Cannon RouteD *-01/Oct/11Brimham Rocks
Mons MegVS 5a -01/Oct/11Brimham Rocks
MalojaVS 4c **-01/Oct/11Brimham Rocks
Old CornerS 4a *-01/Oct/11Brimham Rocks
Heather Wall VariantHS 4b -01/Oct/11Brimham Rocks
Rough WallVS 5a ***-01/Oct/11Brimham Rocks
The Low Man GirdleS 4a -??/Sep/11Almscliff
Technical SlabHS 4a **AltLd O/S10/Jul/11Roaches Upper Tier
Hargreaves' Original RouteVS 4c ***2nd O/S09/Jul/11Stanage Popular
April CrackHS 4b ***Lead O/S09/Jul/11Stanage Popular
Flying ButtressHVD ***Solo09/Jul/11Stanage Popular
TopsailVS 4c ***Lead O/S09/Jul/11Birchen Edge
Sail ButtressHS 4b **Lead O/S09/Jul/11Birchen Edge