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Logbook for summo

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NameStyleDate Crag name
Magic Touch-???/2009Witches Point (Stone Wing...
Pelagic Mush-???/2009Witches Point (Stone Wing...
Spear The Bearded Clam-???/2009Witches Point (Stone Wing...
Slurp The Savoury Oyster-???/2009Witches Point (Stone Wing...
PCB-???/2009Witches Point (Stone Wing...
Hanging By A Thread-???/2009Witches Point (Stone Wing...
Christmas Cracker-???/2009Ogmore (Main)
Christmas Hangover-???/2009Ogmore (Main)
Pillock-???/2009Ogmore (Main)
Twinkle-???/2009Ogmore (Main)
Route 1-???/2009Ogmore (Main)
Canute-???/2009Ogmore (Main)
Pluto-???/2009Ogmore (Main)
Abbey Road-???/2009Ogmore (Main)
The Arrow-???/2009Ogmore (Main)
Megalopolis-???/2009Ogmore (Main)
Jumping Jack Flash-???/2009Ogmore (Main)
Pinnochio-???/2009Ogmore (Main)
Exposure Explosion-???/2009Ogmore (Main)
Elephant Wall-???/2009Ogmore (Main)
Flash Harry-???/2009Ogmore (Main)
Yorkshire Pud-???/2009Ogmore (Main)
Mordred-???/2009Ogmore (Main)
Scutch-???/2009Ogmore (Main)
Glycogen-???/2009Ogmore (Main)
Fashoda Chimney-???/2009Ogmore (Main)
Via Normale-???/2009Ogmore (Main)
Poseidon-???/2009Ogmore (Main)
Trieksodeeophobia-???/2009Cwm Dimbath
Trickie-???/2009Cwm Dimbath
Groucher-???/2009Cwm Dimbath
Crack Basher-???/2009Abbey Buttress
Industrial Relations-???/2009Abbey Buttress
Bargaining Counter-???/2009Abbey Buttress
To Distant Friends-???/2009Cymmer (Punk Rocks)
Window Shopping-???/2009Cymmer (Punk Rocks)
Window Shopping Left Hand-???/2009Cymmer (Punk Rocks)
Syd B'Arete-???/2009Cymmer (Punk Rocks)
Dai Swastika-???/2009Cymmer (Punk Rocks)
Missing Link-???/2009Trehafod
Demi Moore-???/2009Trehafod
Baldy Walks To Ponty-???/2009Trehafod
Discount Included In The Price-???/2009Trehafod
Roaches Revisited-???/2009Trehafod
The Earl of Porth-???/2009Trehafod
Antonia's Route-???/2009Crag Craig Fawr
Owl Groove-???/2009Crag Craig Fawr
Gorsedd Groove-???/2009Crag Craig Fawr
Wall Climb II-???/2009Little Tor
Central Crack-???/2009Little Tor