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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Forbidden Colours (Direct Finish)E1 5c *Lead rpt09/May/15Limekilns
DTsVS 4c **Lead rpt09/May/15Limekilns
White EnsignVS 4c **Lead rpt09/May/15Limekilns
Red FlagHS 4c *Lead rpt09/May/15Limekilns
His Eminence (start only)f6B *Sent26/Apr/15Bowden Doors
Cave LH Problemf6B **Sent26/Apr/15Bowden Doors
Cave RH Problemf6B+ **Sent26/Apr/15Bowden Doors
Castle CrackVD ***Solo26/Apr/15Bowden Doors
Russet GrooveVD ***Solo26/Apr/15Bowden Doors
The ScoopVS ***Lead rpt26/Apr/15Bowden Doors
Childs Playf6B **Sent26/Apr/15Bowden Doors
The Lightbulbf6A Sent26/Apr/15Bowden Doors
Sandy Ribf5+ Sent26/Apr/15Bowden Doors
Scooped Wallf6B ***Sent26/Apr/15Bowden Doors
Chapeau Chinoisf6B ***Sent??/Apr/15La Roche aux Sabots
Bouddha assisf6B Sent??/Apr/15Franchard Isatis
Le Reptile / Les Doigts (Black 39)f6C *Sent??/Apr/15L'Elephant
La Voie Michaud (Black 22)f6C **Sent??/Apr/15L'Elephant
Dorsal AreteII ***AltLd14/Mar/15Stob Coire nan Lochan
Arete Problemf6A -08/Mar/15Hepburn
Smooth Operationf6A+ -08/Mar/15Hepburn
The Flakef3 -08/Mar/15Hepburn
Hardf6B -08/Mar/15Hepburn
Long Crackf3 -08/Mar/15Hepburn
Short Crackf3 -08/Mar/15Hepburn
The Wall (Warm Up Area)f5 -08/Mar/15Hepburn
Shallow Groovef5+ -08/Mar/15Hepburn
Aretef6A -08/Mar/15Hepburn
Photo Opportunity Aretef5 *-08/Mar/15Hepburn
Crack and Aretef6A -08/Mar/15Hepburn
The Wallf6B -08/Mar/15Hepburn
Swan Wall Directf5+ *-28/Feb/15Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
White Winef5 -28/Feb/15Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Rosef5+ -28/Feb/15Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Marmosetf4 -28/Feb/15Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
The Elf Directf6A *-28/Feb/15Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Badfingerf6A **-28/Feb/15Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Bad Companyf6A ***-28/Feb/15Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Fine Aretef6B -21/Feb/15Hepburn
Aretef6A -21/Feb/15Hepburn
Shallow Groovef5+ -21/Feb/15Hepburn
The Wall (Warm Up Area)f5 -21/Feb/15Hepburn
Short Crackf3 -21/Feb/15Hepburn
Long Crackf3 -21/Feb/15Hepburn
The Flakef3 -21/Feb/15Hepburn
The Ramped Aretef4 -21/Feb/15Hepburn
The Tricky Wallf4+ -21/Feb/15Hepburn
Smooth Operationf6A+ -21/Feb/15Hepburn
Arete Problemf6A -21/Feb/15Hepburn
South Facef5+ -21/Feb/15Hepburn