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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Thanks to Oswin6a+ **Lead O/S 21/Oct/11Iliada
Ibiscus Market6b+ **Lead O/S 21/Oct/11Iliada
Crutches6b+ **Lead dog 21/Oct/11Iliada
Marianna5c *Lead O/S 21/Oct/11Iliada
Efterpe6b+ ***Lead dog 21/Oct/11Iliada
Polymnia6a **Lead dog 21/Oct/11Iliada
Climber's Nest6a **Lead O/S 20/Oct/11Symblegades Petres
K V R6b ***2nd dog 20/Oct/11Symblegades Petres
Phineas5c ***Lead O/S 20/Oct/11Symblegades Petres
Neanderthaler6a+ **Lead O/S 20/Oct/11Symblegades Petres
Bubuki6c ***Lead dog 20/Oct/11Symblegades Petres
Opera6b Lead dog 20/Oct/11Symblegades Petres
Skorpios6a ***Lead O/S 20/Oct/11Symblegades Petres
Too Fat for Tufas6a ***Lead O/S 19/Oct/11Dolphin Bay
Roufos6a ***Lead O/S 19/Oct/11Dolphin Bay
Iris Production5a **Lead O/S 19/Oct/11Dolphin Bay
Siga Siga6a **Lead O/S 19/Oct/11Dolphin Bay
Baklava Maniac6b **Lead RP 19/Oct/11Dolphin Bay
Dimitra6a+ **Lead dog 19/Oct/11Dolphin Bay
Trokrakhan6a **Lead O/S 19/Oct/11Dolphin Bay
Wisteria Lane5c *Lead O/S 19/Oct/11Dolphin Bay
Blind Test5c *Lead O/S 19/Oct/11Dolphin Bay
Coco Rose6a+ *Lead 19/Oct/11Dolphin Bay
Agelos5a **Lead O/S 19/Oct/11Dolphin Bay
Easyland4c Lead O/S 19/Oct/11Dolphin Bay
Bang / Bang5c *Lead O/S 19/Oct/11Dolphin Bay
For VIP5c *Lead dog 19/Oct/11Dolphin Bay
Bonnie5c *Lead O/S 18/Oct/11Odyssey
Clyde6b+ *Lead O/S 18/Oct/11Odyssey
Morfeas6b *2nd dog 18/Oct/11Odyssey
Argo4c *Lead O/S 18/Oct/11Odyssey
Argo Navis6a **Lead O/S 18/Oct/11Odyssey
Telemaco5c **Lead O/S 18/Oct/11Odyssey
Penelope6a+ **Lead O/S 18/Oct/11Odyssey
Poly Retsina No Good6a+ *Lead O/S 18/Oct/11Odyssey
Eurycleia5a *Lead O/S 18/Oct/11Odyssey
Lotophagos5c **Lead O/S 18/Oct/11Odyssey
Sapfo6a+ **Lead dog 17/Oct/11Poets
Pindaros5a *Lead O/S 17/Oct/11Poets
Ouzo5c **Lead O/S 17/Oct/11Poets
Metaxas6a+ **Lead O/S 17/Oct/11Poets
M.A.O. (ex Via Alp)5c **Lead O/S 17/Oct/11Poets
Kalispera6c *Lead dog 17/Oct/11Poets
Layo & Bushwacka5a Lead O/S 16/Oct/11The Spartan Walls
Dulces Sueños5c **2nd O/S 16/Oct/11The Spartan Walls
Tigryonak5c ***Lead O/S 16/Oct/11The Spartan Walls
Finger Piercing4a *Lead O/S 16/Oct/11Afternoon
Energy 4th May 20004c **Lead O/S 16/Oct/11Afternoon
To deftero moro mou5c *Lead O/S 16/Oct/11Afternoon
L'amico Ralph5c *Lead O/S 16/Oct/11Afternoon
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