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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Full Metal Jacket6a+ Lead βPaul Rogers13/Aug/14Taffs Well West
Any Old Iron6c *Lead O/SPaul Rogers13/Aug/14Taffs Well West
Wreckers ball6a Lead βPaul Rogers13/Aug/14Taffs Well West
Knackers yard6b+ Lead βPaul Rogers13/Aug/14Taffs Well West
Landfill Tax6a *Lead O/SPaul Rogers13/Aug/14Taffs Well West
Sustainable Development5c Lead βPaul Rogers13/Aug/14Taffs Well West
Bitter End6c *Lead βPaul Rogers07/Aug/14Taffs Well West
Tinkers Dog6a Lead βPaul Rogers27/Jul/14Taffs Well West
Norman Normal7a *Lead RPPaul Rogers27/Jul/14Taffs Well West
Rag And Bone6b Lead βPaul Rogers15/Jul/14Taffs Well West
All's Well6b *Lead βPaul Rogers10/Jul/14Taffs Well West
East of Sweden6b+ **Lead RPPaul Rogers19/Jun/14Ban-y-gor
Lotus Wing6b **Lead RPPaul Rogers14/Jun/14Ban-y-gor
Berlin Extension7b ***Lead RPPaul Rogers15/May/14Dinas Rock
Slipping into Luxury6b+ **Lead rptPaul Rogers16/Apr/14Llanbradach Quarry
Crash Landing6a Lead O/SPaul Rogers02/Apr/14Navigation Quarry
Black Magic6b Lead βPaul Rogers13/Mar/14Navigation Quarry
Morticia7a Lead RPPaul Rogers25/Jun/13Dinas Rock
Mr Ripple6a *Lead βPaul Rogers22/Jul/12Cheddar Gorge North
Galena Colada6c *Lead RPPaul Rogers22/Jul/12Cheddar Gorge North
Screwballed!7a *Lead RPPaul Rogers22/Jul/12Cheddar Gorge North
Whose Line Is It Anyway?7a *Lead RPPaul Rogers22/Jul/12Cheddar Gorge North
Marlin On The Wall6a+ *Lead βPaul Rogers05/Jun/12The Gap
Tapping The Keg6c Lead RP 15/Apr/12Dinas Rock
raindropsHVS 5a Lead O/SPaul O Neil06/Apr/12Yellow Wall, Eyeball Wall,...
Berlin7a+ ***Lead RPPaul Rogers13/Jul/11Dinas Rock
Mr Potato Head6a+ *Lead βPaul O Neil25/Apr/11Dinas Rock
Squash The Squaddie6b Lead βPaul O Neil25/Apr/11Dinas Rock
Liassic Lark7a *Lead RPPaul Rogers30/Aug/10Witches Point (Stone Wing...
Pelagic Mush6a Lead O/SPaul Rogers20/Jun/10Witches Point (Stone Wing...
Pick Up The Pieces6a+ *Lead O/SPaul O Neil09/Jun/10The Gap
Round Are Way ( 2 )7a *Lead RPIan Campbell26/Sep/09The Darren (aka Lan Quarry)
Blagdon6c+ Lead O/Snia cooper13/Aug/09Trebanog
Ring Of Confidence6b *Lead rptnia cooper11/Aug/09The Gap
Rattle Those Tusks6b **Lead O/Snia cooper11/Aug/09The Gap
FibreVS 4c **Lead O/SPaul O Neil02/Aug/09Wyndcliffe
VanguardVS 4c *Lead O/SPaul O Neil02/Aug/09Wyndcliffe
Eat a PeachHVS 5a *Lead βPaul O Neil05/Jul/09Cheddar Gorge South
MorituriE1 5b Lead βPaul O Neil05/Jul/09Cheddar Gorge South
Enter the Darren6c+ Lead βRalph Giles23/Jun/09The Darren (aka Lan Quarry)
Salmon Running, Bear Cunning7a *Lead RPPaul Rogers02/Jun/09The Gap
So Uncool6c **Lead βPaul Rogers28/May/09The Gap
One Track Mind7a **Lead RPPaul Rogers28/May/09The Gap
The Slippery Lip Trick6b *Lead βRalph Giles21/May/09Castle Quarry
A Ride on the Chocolate Unicorn5c Lead O/SRalph Giles21/May/09Castle Quarry
Charlie's Rusks6c Lead O/SPaul Rogers12/May/09Dinas Rock
The Deflated Dick-Head6b *Lead O/SPaul Rogers12/May/09Dinas Rock
Never Say Never Again6c *Lead O/SPhil09/May/09Wintour's Leap
Shaken Not Stirred6c+ Lead RPSean Cullens05/May/09The Darren (aka Lan Quarry)
Striking TwelveE3 6a *Lead RPalan rosier23/Apr/09The Darren (aka Lan Quarry)
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