49 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
Barbican ButtressTR O/S06/May/13Eridge Green Rocks
Battlements CrackTR O/S06/May/13Eridge Green Rocks
PortcullisTR O/S06/May/13Eridge Green Rocks
Pyramid RouteTR O/S27/Apr/13Stone Farm
Pharoah's CurseTR O/S27/Apr/13Stone Farm
Kneeling BoulderTR O/S27/Apr/13Stone Farm
Pine ButtressTR O/S27/Apr/13Stone Farm
Leaning CrackTR O/S27/Apr/13Stone Farm
SW Corner ScoopTR O/S27/Apr/13Stone Farm
Primitive GrooveTR O/S27/Apr/13Stone Farm
JasperLead O/S31/Mar/13Cheyne Wears Area
Wave WarriorLead O/S31/Mar/13Cheyne Wears Area
Ocean BoulevardLead O/S31/Mar/13Cheyne Wears Area
Two FingersLead dog30/Mar/13The Cuttings
The RampLead O/S30/Mar/13The Cuttings
JamLead O/S30/Mar/13The Cuttings
Chips with EverythingLead O/S30/Mar/13The Cuttings
Three FingersLead O/S30/Mar/13The Cuttings
OpusLead O/S30/Mar/13The Cuttings
Face AwayLead O/S17/Feb/13Subluminal
GangwayLead O/S17/Feb/13Subluminal
SpreadeagleLead O/S17/Feb/13Subluminal
High StreetLead O/S17/Feb/13Subluminal
BypassLead O/S17/Feb/13Subluminal
Jeffcoat's ButtressLead O/S29/Oct/12Roaches Upper Tier
Chicken RunLead O/S29/Oct/12Roaches Upper Tier
Pinnacle Crack2nd O/S31/Aug/12Boiler Slab
AyeshaLead O/S31/Aug/12Boiler Slab
ColumnLead O/S31/Aug/12Boiler Slab
East RidgeAltLd O/S30/Aug/12Great Tor
Central Flake2nd O/S30/Aug/12Little Tor
Disappointment2nd O/S29/Aug/12Three Cliffs Bay
ScavengerLead O/S29/Aug/12Three Cliffs Bay
PerseveranceLead O/S29/Aug/12Three Cliffs Bay
Joggled Wall DirectLead O/S29/Aug/12Three Cliffs Bay
Bishop's RouteLead O/S30/Jul/12Stanage Popular
Pedestal ChimneyLead O/S30/Jul/12Stanage Popular
Oblique CrackLead O/S30/Jul/12Stanage Popular
Whillans' Pendulum and Black Magic2nd O/S30/Jul/12Stanage Popular
Gunpowder CrackLead O/S29/Jul/12Bamford Edge
Loader's BayLead O/S29/Jul/12Bamford Edge
OppositeLead O/S29/Jul/12Bamford Edge
Hypotenuse2nd O/S29/Jul/12Bamford Edge
Curving CrackLead O/S14/Apr/12Subluminal
FaceLead O/S14/Apr/12Subluminal
GangwayLead O/S14/Apr/12Subluminal
BypassLead O/S14/Apr/12Subluminal
SuspensionLead O/S14/Apr/12Subluminal
High Street2nd O/S14/Apr/12Subluminal