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NameStyleDate Crag name
Chequers ButtressLead O/S25/Sep/14Froggatt Edge
Sunset CrackLead O/S25/Sep/14Froggatt Edge
Slab Recess DirectLead O/S25/Sep/14Froggatt Edge
Bollard Crack2nd O/S25/Sep/14Froggatt Edge
Trapeze Direct2nd O/S25/Sep/14Froggatt Edge
Cardinal's Crack2nd25/Sep/14Yarncliffe Quarry
Jingling Wall2nd09/Sep/12Clogwyn Cyrau
Direct Route2nd09/Sep/12Clogwyn Cyrau
Bombers Wall Route OneLead09/Sep/12Clogwyn Cyrau
Central Route TwoLead09/Sep/12Clogwyn Cyrau
Munich ClimbAltLd O/S08/Sep/12Tryfan (East Face)
First StopLead08/Sep/12Bus Stop Quarry
SeptuagenarianLead08/Sep/12Bus Stop Quarry
La Droit de la GaucheLead O/S17/Aug/12Mont Rome Chateau
La bune NoireLead O/S17/Aug/12Mont Rome Chateau
Macadam SolielLead O/S17/Aug/12Mont Rome Chateau
Trous d'utilite collectiveLead O/S17/Aug/12Mont Rome Chateau
La Grand Voie-17/Aug/12Mont Rome Chateau
QuetzalLead O/S14/Aug/12Cormot
Fissure AliceLead O/S14/Aug/12Cormot
L'EnchanteurLead O/S14/Aug/12Cormot
Amuse-gueulesLead O/S14/Aug/12Cormot
Speedy GonzalesLead O/S14/Aug/12Cormot
ClemenceLead O/S14/Aug/12Cormot
LinoLead O/S14/Aug/12Cormot
The Fifth HorsemanLead20/Jun/12Castle Naze
Bloody CrackLead20/Jun/12Castle Naze
Niche AreteLead20/Jun/12Castle Naze
Thin Crack2nd20/Jun/12Castle Naze
The Nithin2nd20/Jun/12Castle Naze
Studio2nd20/Jun/12Castle Naze
Jug-05/Jun/12Harborough Rocks
Pedestal Crack-05/Jun/12Harborough Rocks
Spider Chimney-05/Jun/12Harborough Rocks
Looning the Tube2nd O/S30/May/12Australia
Sodor2nd O/S30/May/12Australia
Razorback2nd O/S30/May/12Australia
Goblin Party2nd O/S30/May/12Australia
Orangutang OverhangLead30/May/12Australia
Act NaturallyLead30/May/12Australia
M.I.L. AreteLead30/May/12Australia
The PlumLead O/S25/Oct/11Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
Suicide WallAltLd β24/Sep/11Cratcliffe Tor
Jimmy's CrackLead O/S24/Sep/11Cratcliffe Tor
Sepulchrave2nd O/S24/Sep/11Cratcliffe Tor
Red WallAltLd O/S23/Sep/11Gogarth South Stack
Gallop StepAltLd O/S23/Sep/11Clogwyn y Bustach
The PromenadeSolo10/Sep/11Birchen Edge
Promenade DirectSolo10/Sep/11Birchen Edge
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