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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Bladerunner6b+ **Lead 24/Aug/14Wallsend North
Stalker's Zone6a+ ***Lead 24/Aug/14Wallsend South
The Accelerator7a *Lead 23/Aug/14Cheyne Wears Area
Born To Hunt6c Lead 23/Aug/14Cheyne Wears Area
Wonderlust6b **Lead 23/Aug/14Cheyne Wears Area
Shit Route7a Lead 23/Aug/14Cheyne Wears Area
Julie Ocean6c+ **Lead 23/Aug/14Cheyne Wears Area
Northern Invasion7a Lead 23/Aug/14Cheyne Wears Area
Return to Roissy6b+ **LeadEd Ratcliffe09/Aug/14Blacknor Central
Last Rose of Summer7a **LeadEd Ratcliffe09/Aug/14Blacknor Central
Cocteau Phenomena7b+ ***LeadEd Ratcliffe09/Aug/14Blacknor Central
Clarion Call7a ***Lead 05/Aug/14Chee Dale Lower
The Spiders from Mars6b Lead 04/Aug/14Chee Dale Lower
Further Adventures in Greendale7a *Lead 04/Aug/14Chee Dale Lower
Grisedale Pike summitsummit -Lou Elstow01/Aug/14Grisedale Pike
Hobcarton Crag [Hobcarton Head] summitsummit -Lou Elstow01/Aug/14Hobcarton Crag [Hobcarton...
Hopegill Head summitsummit -Lou Elstow01/Aug/14Hopegill Head
Sand Hill summitsummit -Lou Elstow01/Aug/14Sand Hill
Crag Hill [Eel Crag] summitsummit -Lou Elstow01/Aug/14Crag Hill [Eel Crag]
Sail summitsummit -Lou Elstow01/Aug/14Sail
Bowfell summitsummit - 31/Jul/14Bowfell
Shelter Crags North Top summitsummit - 31/Jul/14Shelter Crags North Top
Shelter Crags summitsummit - 31/Jul/14Shelter Crags
Crinkle Crags - Long Top [Second Crinkle] summitsummit - 31/Jul/14Crinkle Crags - Long Top...
Crinkle Crags South Top [First Crinkle] summitsummit - 31/Jul/14Crinkle Crags South Top...
Great Knott summitsummit - 31/Jul/14Great Knott
Bowscale Fell summitsummit - 30/Jul/14Bowscale Fell
Blencathra - Atkinson Pike summitsummit - 30/Jul/14Blencathra - Atkinson Pike
Blencathra summitsummit - 30/Jul/14Blencathra
Souther Fell summitsummit - 30/Jul/14Souther Fell
Sacred Angel7a **-Richard Price, Laura Grifith,...27/Jul/14Blacknor South
Pining for Glossop7a **-Richard Price, Laura Grifith,...27/Jul/14Blacknor South
Le Cranium Cassť6a+ *-Richard Price, Laura Grifith,...27/Jul/14Blacknor South
Fallen Slab ArÍte3 ***-Richard Price, Laura Grifith,...27/Jul/14Blacknor South
Fallen Slab3 ***-Richard Price, Laura Grifith,...27/Jul/14Blacknor South
Eat, Stick and Die2+ LeadLaura Grifith26/Jul/14The Cuttings
We're Only Placing Bolts for Nigel2+ LeadLaura Grifith26/Jul/14The Cuttings
Dumbfounded7b *LeadLaura Grifith26/Jul/14The Cuttings
The Ramp4c *LeadLaura Grifith26/Jul/14The Cuttings
Amen Corner5a *LeadLaura Grifith26/Jul/14The Cuttings
Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth6b **LeadLaura Grifith26/Jul/14The Cuttings
Jam4a *LeadLaura Grifith26/Jul/14The Cuttings
Chips with Everything4c *LeadLaura Grifith26/Jul/14The Cuttings
Quality Family Day5a *LeadLaura Grifith26/Jul/14The Cuttings
Catbells summitsummit - 23/Jul/14Catbells
Maiden Moor summitsummit - 23/Jul/14Maiden Moor
High Spy North Top summitsummit - 23/Jul/14High Spy North Top
High Spy summitsummit - 23/Jul/14High Spy
Dale Head summitsummit - 23/Jul/14Dale Head
Hindscarth summitsummit - 23/Jul/14Hindscarth
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