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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Evie f5 - 11/Feb Upper Matlock Quarries
My Parsnip f6B+ - 11/Feb Upper Matlock Quarries
Promised Tomorrow f6B+ - 30/Jan Eastwood Rocks
Holly Dab f6B - 30/Jan Eastwood Rocks
Stipe f6A - 28/Jan Eastwood Rocks
New to 7a f6C - 28/Jan Eastwood Rocks
Imitation of Life f6B - 28/Jan Eastwood Rocks
Hand Warmer f6A - 28/Jan Eastwood Rocks
Romper Stomper f6A - 28/Jan Eastwood Rocks
Lupino f5+ - 28/Jan Eastwood Rocks
Juggy Wall f6A - 28/Jan Eastwood Rocks
Carr Share f5+ - 29/Dec/15 Hillcar Wood
Phoenix Nights f7A - 29/Dec/15 Hillcar Wood
Bee Side f6C Sent 09/Dec/15 Hillcar Wood
Bigger than a Bee f7A Sent 09/Dec/15 Hillcar Wood
Covert Affair f6A Sent 09/Dec/15 Hillcar Wood
Shiny Side f4 Sent 09/Dec/15 Hillcar Wood
Pyramid of Medum f6B - 19/Sep/15 Valley of the Kings
Indy f6B - 08/Aug/15 Valley of the Kings
The Cartouche f6C - 08/Aug/15 Valley of the Kings
Salmon 71 f5 - 31/Jul/15 Apremont
Ultramarine Blue 20 f4 - 31/Jul/15 Apremont
Ultramarine Blue 15 f3+ - 31/Jul/15 Apremont
Ultramarine Blue 10 f3+ - 31/Jul/15 Apremont
Ultramarine Blue 9 f3+ - 31/Jul/15 Apremont