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Logbook for Mac Ghille Aindrais

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NameStyleDate Crag name
Stepped Corner2nd rpt20/Aug/06Pinnacle Crag
InfantaLead O/S13/Aug/06Aztec Tower
Warrior GodTR O/S13/Aug/06Aztec Tower
Human SacrificeTR O/S13/Aug/06Aztec Tower
Astriding Edge2nd O/S13/Aug/06Aztec Tower
Special KLead O/S12/Aug/06Raven's Crag, Gairloch
Mountain AshLead O/S12/Aug/06Raven's Crag, Gairloch
Top CornerLead O/S10/Aug/06Duntelchaig
Mica Arete2nd rpt10/Aug/06Duntelchaig
DrumAltLd rpt05/Aug/06Duntelchaig
Mica Slab2nd rpt05/Aug/06Duntelchaig
Mica Chimney Right-HandLead O/S05/Aug/06Duntelchaig
Fisherman's TailLead O/S30/Jul/06Logie Head
Poacher2nd O/S30/Jul/06Logie Head
Sea UrchinLead rpt30/Jul/06Logie Head
Sea MouseSolo O/S30/Jul/06Logie Head
MouseholeSolo O/S30/Jul/06Logie Head
Right-Hand GrooveLead O/S29/Jul/06Huntly's Cave
Step Over2nd β29/Jul/06Huntly's Cave
Block Chimney2nd β29/Jul/06Huntly's Cave
Tower RidgeAltLd O/S15/Jul/06Ben Nevis
Toad's Arete2nd β05/Jul/06Conagleann
Savage Slit2nd O/S01/Jul/06Coire an Lochain (Cairngorm)
Wrinkle and CrackSolo O/S29/Jun/06Tynrich Slabs
Mica AreteLead O/S27/Jun/06Duntelchaig
Razor Flake2nd rpt27/Jun/06Duntelchaig
Doubtless Wall2nd β24/Jun/06Cummingston
BlockbusterLead rpt24/Jun/06Cummingston
Staircase Crack2nd β24/Jun/06Cummingston
The Groove2nd β24/Jun/06Cummingston
Shredded WheatLead O/S24/Jun/06Cummingston
Snotty NoseLead O/S24/Jun/06Cummingston
Bladder WrackLead O/S18/Jun/06Logie Head
Sea Urchin2nd β18/Jun/06Logie Head
DrumAltLd O/S15/Jun/06Duntelchaig
Swastika2nd rpt15/Jun/06Duntelchaig
Jutting Blocks2nd β11/Jun/06Raven's Crag, Gairloch
Leac McCac2nd β11/Jun/06Raven's Crag, Gairloch
Lucy2nd β11/Jun/06Raven's Crag, Gairloch
Slab and TickleLead O/S10/Jun/06Cummingston
The GrooveLead rpt10/Jun/06Cummingston
Route 1Lead O/S04/Jun/06Jetty Crag
SwastikaLead rpt03/Jun/06Duntelchaig
Mica SlabLead O/S03/Jun/06Duntelchaig
Mica Chimney2nd β03/Jun/06Duntelchaig
Tapered Groove2nd rpt28/May/06Pinnacle Crag
Right Angle2nd rpt28/May/06Pinnacle Crag
Confidence WallLead rpt28/May/06Pinnacle Crag
Confidence Wall2nd rpt28/May/06Pinnacle Crag
Easy ChimneyLead O/S28/May/06Pinnacle Crag
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