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Logbook for Siderunner

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Soul Sister18 **Lead rptMiguel, Sean06/Oct/14The Freezer
Hypoxic23 ***Lead dogMiguel06/Oct/14The Freezer
Hypoxic23 ***Lead dogMiguel06/Oct/14The Freezer
Old Blobby20 **Lead rptMiguel, Sean06/Oct/14The Freezer
Terra Incognita19 ***Lead rptMiguel, Sean06/Oct/14The Freezer
Doris'll Getcha!22 **Lead dogMiguel, Sean06/Oct/14The Freezer
Intelligent Design16 Lead O/SJunko, Kirsten28/Sep/14Mount Kuring-gai
Evolution17 *Lead O/SJunko, Kirsten28/Sep/14Mount Kuring-gai
The Meaning of Life15 **Lead O/SJunko, Kirsten28/Sep/14Mount Kuring-gai
Carbon Credits24 ***Lead RPJunko, Kirsten28/Sep/14Mount Kuring-gai
She Who Must Be Obeyed20 ***Lead rptJunko, Kirsten28/Sep/14Mount Kuring-gai
Aerospace18 **Lead O/SJunko, Kirsten28/Sep/14Mount Kuring-gai
Wing Commander17 Lead O/SJunko, Kirsten28/Sep/14Mount Kuring-gai
Butt Nuggets19 **Lead O/SJunko21/Sep/14Celebrity Crag
Johnny's Jalopies18 ***Lead O/SJunko21/Sep/14Celebrity Crag
Hark! The20 *Lead O/SJunko21/Sep/14Celebrity Crag
Mr Christmas Poo20 **Lead O/SJunko21/Sep/14Celebrity Crag
Mr Christmas Poo20 **Lead rptJunko21/Sep/14Celebrity Crag
Rudolf The Bloody Reindeer23 **Lead O/SJunko21/Sep/14Celebrity Crag
Skuzeeney Jaludek22 **Lead dnfJunko21/Sep/14Heathcliff
Fake Blood18 ***Lead O/SJunko21/Sep/14Heathcliff
Manana14 ***Lead O/SKirsten14/Sep/14Medlow Bath
Radioactive Man20 ***Lead O/SKirsten14/Sep/14Medlow Bath
Gas, Food, Lodging23 *Lead dogKirsten14/Sep/14Medlow Bath
Old Salt18 ***Lead O/SKirsten14/Sep/14Medlow Bath
It Goes!22 **Lead O/SKirsten14/Sep/14Medlow Bath
Just Boot It22 **Lead dogKirsten14/Sep/14Medlow Bath
Powerbra Rangers19 *Lead rptKirsten14/Sep/14Porters Pass
Powerbra Rangers19 *TR 14/Sep/14Porters Pass
Good Day to be a Duck18 Lead O/SKirsten10/Aug/14Shipley Upper
The Answer is Obvious18 *Lead rptKirsten10/Aug/14Shipley Upper
Jack High19 **Lead rptKirsten10/Aug/14Shipley Upper
Jack High19 **TR rptKirsten10/Aug/14Shipley Upper
War Babies22 **Lead RPPaul H, Kirsten10/Aug/14Shipley Upper
A Streaker Named Desire23 **Lead dogBlueys Mike, Sean, Paul H,...10/Aug/14Shipley Upper
Good Fortune17 Lead O/SJunko02/Aug/14Shipley Upper
Hold on to Your Hats18 *Lead O/SJunko02/Aug/14Shipley Upper
Burning Jowls18 Lead rptJunko02/Aug/14Shipley Upper
The Bandoline Grip18 *Lead O/SJunko02/Aug/14Shipley Upper
The Answer is Obvious18 *Lead rptJunko02/Aug/14Shipley Upper
Girly Gems21 Lead RPSean02/Aug/14Shipley Upper
War Babies22 **Lead dogJunko02/Aug/14Shipley Upper
War Babies22 **TR dogJunko02/Aug/14Shipley Upper
Cryogenics23 ***Lead RPBlueys Mike02/Feb/14The Freezer
Absolute Zero19 *Lead O/SBlueys Mike02/Feb/14The Freezer
Extention Lead22 ***Lead O/SBlueys Mike02/Feb/14The Freezer
SWALK22 **Lead O/SBlueys Mike02/Feb/14The Freezer
Hypoxic23 ***Lead dogBlueys Mike02/Feb/14The Freezer
Cryogenics23 ***Lead dogSean19/Jan/14The Freezer
Soul Sister18 **Lead O/SSean19/Jan/14The Freezer
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