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NameStyleDate Crag name
Dog Lead CrackLead O/S09/Sep/14Stronstrey Bank Quarry
Dog Lead Ramp2nd O/S09/Sep/14Stronstrey Bank Quarry
No IdeaLead O/S04/Sep/14Wilton 3
Curlew Calling2nd O/S12/Jun/14Jack Scout Crag
Unreal CityLead O/S12/Jun/14Jack Scout Crag
NomadLead O/S12/Jun/14Jack Scout Crag
Laughing HyenaLead O/S12/Jun/14Jack Scout Crag
Vietnam Defoliation SquadLead O/S12/Jun/14Jack Scout Crag
Flake CrackSolo05/Jun/14Cow's Mouth Quarry
ScruffSolo05/Jun/14Cow's Mouth Quarry
ScruffySolo05/Jun/14Cow's Mouth Quarry
GrooveSolo05/Jun/14Cow's Mouth Quarry
Wallin'Solo05/Jun/14Cow's Mouth Quarry
The Bijou - The VariationSolo05/Jun/14Cow's Mouth Quarry
The SlabSolo03/Jun/14Wilton 3
Eeny2nd03/Jun/14Wilton 3
Central Crack2nd03/Jun/14Wilton 3
Monolith Crack2nd03/Jun/14Wilton 3
Orange WallLead rpt03/Jun/14Wilton 3
MoLead rpt03/Jun/14Wilton 3
Falling Crack2nd dog03/Jun/14Wilton 2
West SlabLead O/S27/May/14Cadshaw Rocks
West WallLead O/S27/May/14Cadshaw Rocks
Curving CrackLead O/S27/May/14Cadshaw Rocks
West Buttress OrdinarySolo27/May/14Cadshaw Rocks
West MantelshelfSolo27/May/14Cadshaw Rocks
West Buttress DirectSolo27/May/14Cadshaw Rocks
West RibSolo27/May/14Cadshaw Rocks
Curving CrackSolo27/May/14Cadshaw Rocks
Crack And Wall2nd27/May/14Cadshaw Rocks
Split Block OverhangLead O/S27/May/14Cadshaw Rocks
Cuillin Ridge Traverse-19/May/14Cuillin Ridge (Traverse)
Cow's CheekSolo O/S14/May/14Cow's Mouth Quarry
Curving ChimneySolo O/S14/May/14Cow's Mouth Quarry
SeasierSolo O/S14/May/14Cow's Mouth Quarry
Groovin'Solo O/S14/May/14Cow's Mouth Quarry
SeazyLead O/S14/May/14Cow's Mouth Quarry
Dessers2nd O/S14/May/14Cow's Mouth Quarry
Chimney RouteSolo14/May/14Cow's Mouth Quarry
Slabmaster2nd O/S14/May/14Cow's Mouth Quarry
King BTR O/S14/May/14Cow's Mouth Quarry
Route TwoLead O/S14/May/14Cow's Mouth Quarry
Route 12nd O/S14/May/14Cow's Mouth Quarry
DeadlineLead O/S14/May/14Cow's Mouth Quarry
CornetteSolo14/May/14Cow's Mouth Quarry
The Original RouteAltLd O/S29/Apr/14Raven Crag (Langdale)
Bilberry ButtressAltLd dog29/Apr/14Raven Crag (Langdale)
Unreal City2nd O/S09/Mar/14Jack Scout Crag
Shooting Star2nd O/S09/Mar/14Jack Scout Crag
Celebration Day2nd O/S09/Mar/14Jack Scout Crag