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NameStyleDate Crag name
Skull ClimbLead O/S22/Jul/11Pule Hill Rocks
Skull Climb Right-handLead O/S22/Jul/11Pule Hill Rocks
TutLead dnf07/Jul/11Pule Hill Rocks
Little SneakLead β17/Jun/11Troy Quarry
Troy GrooveLead β17/Jun/11Troy Quarry
Helen of Troy2nd β17/Jun/11Troy Quarry
Right Siamese Twin2nd β17/Jun/11Troy Quarry
RapunzleTR dog17/Jun/11Troy Quarry
Left Siamese TwinLead β17/Jun/11Troy Quarry
Green Crack2nd O/S11/Jun/11Stanage Popular
Narrow Buttress (Direct Start)2nd O/S11/Jun/11Stanage Popular
Chockstone DirectLead O/S11/Jun/11Stanage Popular
Flying ButtressLead O/S11/Jun/11Stanage Popular
Oblique CrackLead O/S11/Jun/11Stanage Popular
Stacked DeckLead β03/Jun/11Troy Quarry
Little SneakLead β03/Jun/11Troy Quarry
Left Siamese TwinLead β03/Jun/11Troy Quarry
Slow MotionLead β03/Jun/11Troy Quarry
Overlooked CrackLead β03/Jun/11Troy Quarry
Little Sneak2nd O/S03/Jun/11Troy Quarry
Troy Groove2nd O/S03/Jun/11Troy Quarry
The Wandering WarthogTR O/S25/Apr/11Foredale Quarry
Flintstone WallLead O/S25/Apr/11Foredale Quarry
Social RealismTR O/S25/Apr/11Foredale Quarry
SkulduggeryLead O/S25/Apr/11Foredale Quarry
Dark SecretsLead O/S25/Apr/11Foredale Quarry
Coffin CornerLead15/Apr/11Pule Hill Rocks
Pilot CrackLead dnf15/Apr/11Pule Hill Rocks
Has Been2nd08/Apr/11Pule Hill Rocks
Coffin Corner2nd08/Apr/11Pule Hill Rocks
Kletterschuhe CapersLead O/S08/Apr/11Pule Hill Rocks
AmenLead01/Apr/11Pule Hill Rocks
AtlasLead01/Apr/11Pule Hill Rocks
Whacker's Wall2nd01/Apr/11Pule Hill Rocks
Little SneakLead β17/Sep/10Troy Quarry
Troy GrooveLead β28/Jul/10Troy Quarry
RapunzleTR28/Jul/10Troy Quarry
Helen of TroyTR28/Jul/10Troy Quarry
Fluted ColumnsLead β11/Jul/10Almscliff
Rough CrackLead dnf11/Jul/10Almscliff
Rough CrackTR RP11/Jul/10Almscliff
Open SesameLead β02/Jul/10Troy Quarry
Stacked DeckLead β02/Jul/10Troy Quarry
Right Siamese TwinLead β02/Jul/10Troy Quarry
Left Siamese TwinLead β02/Jul/10Troy Quarry
Slow MotionLead β02/Jul/10Troy Quarry
Overlooked CrackLead β02/Jul/10Troy Quarry
Stilton2nd β02/Jul/10Troy Quarry
Little Sneak2nd β02/Jul/10Troy Quarry
Troy Groove2nd β02/Jul/10Troy Quarry