50 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
Fallen Block ClimbSolo β26/Aug/06Cattle Troughs
HangoverTR O/S26/Aug/06Cattle Troughs
Pulpit RouteSolo O/S26/Aug/06Cattle Troughs
ResurrectionLead O/S26/Aug/06Cattle Troughs
The ChimneySolo β26/Aug/06Cattle Troughs
Balcony2nd O/S19/Aug/06Subluminal
BypassLead O/S19/Aug/06Subluminal
Gangway2nd O/S19/Aug/06Subluminal
High StreetLead O/S19/Aug/06Subluminal
Second CornerLead O/S19/Aug/06Subluminal
ChockneyLead O/S13/Aug/06Cattle Troughs
Consolation2nd O/S13/Aug/06Cattle Troughs
Fallen Block ClimbLead O/S13/Aug/06Cattle Troughs
Inspiration2nd O/S13/Aug/06Cattle Troughs
Isis2nd O/S13/Aug/06Cattle Troughs
Old Lag's Corner2nd O/S13/Aug/06Cattle Troughs
ResurrectionTR O/S13/Aug/06Cattle Troughs
The Chimney2nd O/S13/Aug/06Cattle Troughs
Borra RingLead dog23/Jul/06Dancing Ledge
Tethered by GravityLead O/S23/Jul/06Hedbury
AmmonitemareLead dog23/Jul/06Hedbury
New Age, New StyleLead rpt23/Jul/06Hedbury
Moral FlexibilityLead rpt23/Jul/06Hedbury
Sea ViewLead O/S23/Jul/06Hedbury
Moral FlexibilityLead O/S16/Jul/06Hedbury
Very Ordinary RouteLead O/S16/Jul/06Hedbury
Another ContributionLead O/S16/Jul/06Hedbury
New Age, New StyleLead O/S16/Jul/06Hedbury
Of Mice and MenLead dog16/Jul/06Hedbury
Moves for the MassesLead dog16/Jul/06Hedbury
Continuation Crack2nd O/S02/Jul/06Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
HopeAltLd O/S02/Jul/06Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
LazarusAltLd O/S02/Jul/06Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
Tennis Shoe - The Direct StartAltLd O/S02/Jul/06Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
Bochlwyd Eliminate2nd O/S02/Jul/06Clogwyn Bochlwyd
Tennis Shoe2nd O/S01/Jul/06Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
Original Route2nd O/S01/Jul/06Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
Superdirect2nd O/S01/Jul/06Milestone Buttress
We're Only Placing Bolts for NigelLead O/S11/Jun/06The Cuttings
On ManoeuvresLead rpt11/Jun/06The Cuttings
Arc AngelLead O/S11/Jun/06The Cuttings
The Great Hamburger DisasterLead O/S11/Jun/06The Cuttings
Three FingersLead rpt11/Jun/06The Cuttings
OpusLead rpt11/Jun/06The Cuttings
Rusty the Red Neck TakesOne for the TeamTR dog11/Jun/06The Cuttings
OpusLead RP01/Apr/06The Cuttings
Three FingersLead O/S01/Apr/06The Cuttings
Corporal PunishmentLead O/S01/Apr/06The Cuttings
On ManoeuvresLead O/S01/Apr/06The Cuttings
We're Only Placing Bolts for NigelLead O/S01/Apr/06The Cuttings