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NameStyleDate Crag name
LeftyLead O/S25/Feb/14Valle de Abdalajis
La mejóLead O/S25/Feb/14Valle de Abdalajis
FisurónLead O/S25/Feb/14Valle de Abdalajis
Adherencia extremaLead O/S25/Feb/14Valle de Abdalajis
Iron GateSent x10/Sep/13Alderley Edge
Evans AreteSent x10/Sep/13Alderley Edge
Wizard WallSent x10/Sep/13Alderley Edge
Copper CoinSent x10/Sep/13Alderley Edge
The ThiefSent x10/Sep/13Alderley Edge
El ArdinalLead O/S23/Aug/12Las Cavadas
La VianaLead O/S23/Aug/12Las Cavadas
CopaceticLead O/S23/Aug/12Las Cavadas
PescandiLead O/S23/Aug/12Las Cavadas
Juan SabeliLead O/S23/Aug/12Las Cavadas
PanduLead O/S23/Aug/12Las Cavadas
PaperaLead O/S23/Aug/12Las Cavadas
LlanecesLead O/S23/Aug/12Las Cavadas
CaoruLead O/S23/Aug/12Las Cavadas
CallancaLead O/S23/Aug/12Las Cavadas
MobadilleLead O/S23/Aug/12Las Cavadas
Bario MediaLead O/S23/Aug/12Las Cavadas
Hot Tin RoofSolo rpt26/Mar/12Bosley Cloud
CheekSolo rpt12/Jul/11Windgather Rocks
The Fifth HorsemanSolo O/S28/Jun/11Castle Naze
Pilgrim's ProgressSolo O/S28/Jun/11Castle Naze
Short and SweetSolo O/S28/Jun/11Castle Naze
Keep AreteSolo O/S28/Jun/11Castle Naze
Scoop DirectSolo O/S28/Jun/11Castle Naze
Scoop FaceSolo O/S28/Jun/11Castle Naze
Scoop Face DirectSolo O/S28/Jun/11Castle Naze
Scoop WallSolo O/S28/Jun/11Castle Naze
Piano StoolSolo O/S28/Jun/11Castle Naze
Niche AreteSolo rpt28/Jun/11Castle Naze
IcebreakerSolo O/S28/Jun/11Castle Naze
LedgewaySolo O/S28/Jun/11Castle Naze
Martin's Traverse-25/May/11Newstones
Itchy FingersSent25/May/11Newstones
Sly StalloneSent rpt25/May/11Newstones
Sly DirectSent O/S25/May/11Newstones
Stallone AreteSent O/S25/May/11Newstones
StemgemSent10/May/11Hidden Valley Campground
Heavenly Path-06/May/11Happy Boulders
Marty Lewis's Ever Changing Hair-06/May/11Happy Boulders
Ketron Classic-06/May/11Happy Boulders
Kling and Smirk-06/May/11Happy Boulders
Acid Wash (standing start)Sent06/May/11Happy Boulders
Circle of LifeSent06/May/11Happy Boulders
CornerSent06/May/11Happy Boulders