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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Unknown5b -???/2014Baume Noire
Céçuicadikyé5c Lead O/S30/May/12Panacelle
Les fous du mercredi5a Lead O/S30/May/12Panacelle
Bienvenue au club!5c Lead O/S30/May/12Panacelle
Poux, papous et pas papous6a Lead O/S30/May/12Panacelle
Allez les monstres!5c Lead O/S30/May/12Panacelle
La Tribu des Affreux5c Lead O/S28/May/12Panacelle
traversee4a Lead O/S28/May/12Lacou
Kroun-Kroun la sorciere3+ Lead O/S28/May/12Panacelle
Anti OGM4a Lead O/S??/May/12Panacelle
School for sunburn4a Lead O/S???/2012Lacou
Tiny Slab - Left AreteV0+ 5a *Sent02/Oct/11Burbage North
Tiny Slab - LeftV1 5b *Sent02/Oct/11Burbage North
Bilberry CakeHVS 5a Lead02/Oct/11Burbage North
Bilberry AreteS 4a Lead02/Oct/11Burbage North
Duo Crack ClimbVD *Lead01/Oct/11Stanage North
RintyVS 5a Lead01/Oct/11Stanage North
OnoS 4a *Solo01/Oct/11Stanage North
FateE2 5c *Lead01/Oct/11Stanage North
The PromenadeD **Solo O/S08/May/11Birchen Edge
Handy CrackD Lead O/S08/May/11Birchen Edge
All AboardD Lead O/S08/May/11Birchen Edge
Poop Deck CrackS 4a *Lead O/S08/May/11Birchen Edge
Promenade DirectHVD 4a *Lead O/S08/May/11Birchen Edge
Rum WallVD Lead O/S08/May/11Birchen Edge
StokedS 4a Lead O/S08/May/11Birchen Edge
Stoker's WallD *Lead O/S08/May/11Birchen Edge
PigtailS 4a Lead O/S08/May/11Birchen Edge
Pig HeadS 4c Solo O/S08/May/11Birchen Edge
Tar's Traverse Left-Hand StartS 4c Lead O/S08/May/11Birchen Edge
Tar's TraverseD Lead O/S08/May/11Birchen Edge
The GangplankM *Solo O/S08/May/11Birchen Edge
Pas enerves4c Lead O/S29/Sep/10Baume Noire
Chute de Pierres4a Lead O/S29/Sep/10Baume Noire
Musique sans percussion5a Lead O/S29/Sep/10Baume Noire
La Reymonde5a *Lead O/S28/Sep/10Ubrieux
Bonne Anniversaire3 Lead O/S27/Sep/10Nyons les Bourdons
La Mota4a Lead O/S27/Sep/10Nyons les Bourdons
Snack Club5a Lead O/S27/Sep/10Nyons les Bourdons
Birthday Homme6a Lead O/S27/Sep/10Nyons les Bourdons
Serie Noire7a **TR O/S27/Sep/10Nyons les Bourdons
Bop7a *TR O/S27/Sep/10Nyons les Bourdons
Ganja5a *Lead O/S27/Sep/10Nyons les Bourdons
Gordon's Proffer Direct FinishHVS 5a 2nd15/May/10Brimham Rocks
Gnome's AreteHVS 5a *2nd15/May/10Brimham Rocks
Inside RouteD *Lead O/S???/2010Wharncliffe Crags
Tensile TestE1 5c *Lead O/S???/2010Wharncliffe Crags
The SkidV2 5c *Solo O/S11/Jul/09Stanage North
Crispy WallV0- 4b Solo O/S11/Jul/09Stanage North
UvavuV1 5b Solo O/S11/Jul/09Stanage North