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NameStyleDate Crag name
Beverly's WallLead rpt04/Oct/09Cheddar Gorge South
SkyScrapeLead dog04/Oct/09Cheddar Gorge South
Dead on ArrivalLead rpt30/Sep/09Cheddar Gorge North
The Bloodshed BeginsLead rpt30/Sep/09Cheddar Gorge North
JoyrideLead RP30/Sep/09Cheddar Gorge North
Les Trois ChevresLead RP30/Sep/09Cheddar Gorge North
Velcro WallLead dog30/Sep/09Cheddar Gorge North
Sing a Mean Toon, KidLead dog11/Sep/09Cheddar Gorge North
RustlerLead rpt11/Sep/09Cheddar Gorge North
Psycho-BabbleLead O/S11/Sep/09Cheddar Gorge North
Les VoyageursLead dnf22/Aug/09Mingulay
Fifteen Fathoms of FearLead O/S21/Aug/09Mingulay
Voyage of FaithLead O/S20/Aug/09Mingulay
After the Basking SharkSolo O/S17/Aug/09Mingulay
Crisis of ConfidenceSolo O/S17/Aug/09Mingulay
Evening SunSolo dnf17/Aug/09Mingulay
The Hurried PathTR dnf17/Aug/09Mingulay
The Hurried PathLead O/S16/Aug/09Mingulay
SulaLead O/S13/Aug/09Mingulay
OkeanosLead O/S12/Aug/09Mingulay
The Mushroom of my FearLead O/S12/Aug/09Mingulay
Out-a-SightLead dog02/Aug/09Wintour's Leap
Eva BrawnLead RP02/Aug/09Wintour's Leap
Never Say Never AgainLead rpt02/Aug/09Wintour's Leap
A Blast from the PastLead β25/Jul/09Wintour's Leap
Gunshot Wound to the HeadLead O/S25/Jul/09Wintour's Leap
OsirisAltLd dnf05/Jul/09Cheddar Gorge South
Rattle Those TusksLead β28/Jun/09The Gap
Pleasant Valley SundayLead dog28/Jun/09The Gap
No Slings AttachedLead RP27/Jun/09Cheddar Gorge South
The Mettle DetectorLead dog27/Jun/09Cheddar Gorge South
Captain MorganLead RP23/Jun/09Cheddar Gorge South
The MissionaryLead rpt23/Jun/09Cheddar Gorge South
la voie des maitresLead O/S10/Jun/09Ailefroide Multi-Pitch routes
No Slings AttachedLead dog02/Jun/09Cheddar Gorge South
GreedLead RP02/Jun/09Cheddar Gorge North
Off the WallLead rpt02/Jun/09Cheddar Gorge North
Empire of the SunLead dog30/May/09Anstey's Cove
End of an EraLead rpt30/May/09Anstey's Cove
GreedLead dog28/May/09Cheddar Gorge North
Screwballed!Lead rpt28/May/09Cheddar Gorge North
Dead on ArrivalLead rpt23/May/09Cheddar Gorge North
Raw DealLead rpt23/May/09Cheddar Gorge North
GreedLead dog23/May/09Cheddar Gorge North
ThermopylaeLead RP21/May/09Cheddar Gorge South
Space TouristLead dnf21/May/09Cheddar Gorge South
Earl of Perth/Oblivion Hybrid2nd dnf12/May/09Avon Gorge (Suspension Bridge...
No Slings AttachedLead dog11/May/09Cheddar Gorge South
Still Waters Run DeepLead rpt11/May/09Cheddar Gorge South
Smooth OperatorLead rpt11/May/09Cheddar Gorge South