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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
The Retreat From Mons7b+ *Solo RP 18/Oct/14Sully Island
MonsV2 5b Solo O/S 18/Oct/14Sully Island
Sully AreteV0- 4c Solo O/S 10/Oct/14Sully Island
Sully View Slabf5 **Solo O/S 10/Oct/14Sully Island
Beati Silures Quibus Bibere Vivere Est7c ***Solo RP 05/Oct/14Sully Island
Place Holder6b+ **Lead O/SRoy Thomas29/Sep/14Morfa Bychan
Mistaking Cassini's Identity7a+ *Lead RPRoy Thomas29/Sep/14Morfa Bychan
All For Nothing6a+ **Lead O/SRoy Thomas29/Sep/14Morfa Bychan
Things Are Getting StrangeD Solo O/S 28/Aug/14Sully Island
I'm Starting To WorryHD Solo O/S 28/Aug/14Sully Island
This Could Be A CaseVD Solo O/S 28/Aug/14Sully Island
Le Cateau7b *Solo RP 26/Aug/14Sully Island
Smith-DorrienV3 *Solo RP 26/Aug/14Sully Island
Central Integrator6b **Lead O/SEugene Travers (nee Jones)16/Aug/14Morfa Bychan
Jacky Fisher's Phobia6c+ ***Lead βEugene Travers (nee Jones)16/Aug/14Morfa Bychan
Vera Figner's Lost List7a+ *Lead RPEugene Travers (nee Jones)16/Aug/14Morfa Bychan
Get Out Claws2+ Lead O/SEugene Travers (nee Jones)16/Aug/14Morfa Bychan
Bizarre GeetarE3 6a Lead βRoy Thomas08/Aug/14Treherbert Quarrry (Rhondda...
Lamb Leer DiseaseE1 5b Lead O/SRoy Thomas08/Aug/14Treherbert Quarrry (Rhondda...
Biffa Bacon6a+ *Lead O/SRoy Thomas08/Aug/14Treherbert Quarrry (Rhondda...
Party Animal7a+ **Lead βImogen Fish06/Aug/14Taffs Well West
Backblock Aretef6A 6a *Sent O/S 31/Jul/14Sully Island
Knee Jerk6a Lead O/SRoy Thomas27/Jul/14Morfa Bychan
Bonacci's Sequence7b *Lead RPRoy Thomas27/Jul/14Morfa Bychan
The Golden String5c *Lead O/SRoy Thomas26/Jul/14Morfa Bychan
Mislivings7a *Lead βAlice Howe23/Jul/14Tyle-Y-Coch
Fairies Wear Boots6c+ *Lead RPAlice Howe23/Jul/14Tyle-Y-Coch
McGoohan Loses Six6c+ *Lead RPRoy Thomas21/Jul/14Morfa Bychan
Par36c **Lead RPAlice Howe14/Jul/14Shipwreck Cove
Johns route6b+ *Lead O/SAlice Howe14/Jul/14Shipwreck Cove
First Handout6a+ *Lead O/SAlice Howe14/Jul/14Shipwreck Cove
Hand Shandy6a+ Lead O/SAlice Howe14/Jul/14Shipwreck Cove
Probate Pending3+ Lead O/SRoy Thomas14/Jul/14Shipwreck Cove
Names from Rogers Profanisorous5b *Lead O/SRoy Thomas14/Jul/14Shipwreck Cove
Who's ChapmanE1 5b *Lead O/SJames Tracey13/Jul/14Chapman Rock
Sidewinder AreteHVS 5b Lead O/SJames Tracey13/Jul/14Chapman Rock
Hot Fuss6a Lead O/SAlice Howe10/Jul/14Glynfach
Killer Arete6b+ ***Lead O/SAlice Howe10/Jul/14Glynfach
Turn Off The Sun7a *Lead RPAlice Howe10/Jul/14Glynfach
Fach ThisVS 4b Lead βAlice Howe10/Jul/14Glynfach
Fach ThatVS 4c Lead βAlice Howe10/Jul/14Glynfach
Yak's Back5c Lead O/SAlice Howe10/Jul/14Glynfach
Turing's Sum6c+ **Lead RPEugene Travers (nee Jones)06/Jul/14Morfa Bychan
She's Slipping Away7a *Lead RPEugene Travers (nee Jones)05/Jul/14Morfa Bychan
Kitchener's Nabla7a+ *Lead RPEugene Travers (nee Jones)05/Jul/14Morfa Bychan
PEG feed5c Lead O/SEugene Travers (nee Jones),...05/Jul/14Morfa Bychan
Coprophagic Canine6a+ Lead O/SEugene Travers (nee Jones)03/Jul/14Treherbert Quarrry (Rhondda...
String 'Em Up5a Lead O/SEugene Travers (nee Jones)03/Jul/14Treherbert Quarrry (Rhondda...
The Thin Drum4c Lead O/SEugene Travers (nee Jones)03/Jul/14Treherbert Quarrry (Rhondda...
Gallow's Step5c Lead O/SEugene Travers (nee Jones)03/Jul/14Treherbert Quarrry (Rhondda...
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