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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Coronation Cracknone 6a **TR RP06/Sep/15Harrisons Rocks
The Flakesnone 6a ***TR RP06/Sep/15Harrisons Rocks
Krait Aretenone 6b ***-??/Sep/14High Rocks
Riftnone 5c *Solo??/Aug/14Harrisons Rocks
Orangutangnone 5c **-??/Aug/14Harrisons Rocks
Sossblitznone 6a ***-??/Aug/14Harrisons Rocks
Unclimbed Wallnone 5b ***-??/Aug/14Harrisons Rocks
Right Unclimbednone 6a *-??/Aug/14Harrisons Rocks
Zig-Zag Wallnone 5a ***-??/Aug/14Harrisons Rocks
Lyons Corner House DirectHVS 5a **Lead O/S02/Jun/13Millstone Edge
Embankment 4E1 5b ***Lead O/S02/Jun/13Millstone Edge
Covent GardenVS 4b **AltLd O/S02/Jun/13Millstone Edge
Slab Recess DirectHS 4c *2nd O/S01/Jun/13Froggatt Edge
RatbagE2 5b *Lead O/S01/Jun/13Froggatt Edge
Diamond CrackHS 4b **2nd O/S01/Jun/13Froggatt Edge
Allen's SlabS 4a **Lead O/S01/Jun/13Froggatt Edge
TrapezeVD *Lead O/S01/Jun/13Froggatt Edge
Nicotine Alleyf7A 6b Sent x20/Apr/13Bowles Rocks
Helvetx6c+ ***Lead O/S??/Apr/13Irox
Ziegen Peter6a+ **Lead O/S??/Apr/13Spartacus
Kerveros7a **Lead RP??/Apr/13Spartacus
Harakiri6b+ ***Lead O/S??/Apr/13Spartacus
Le 13ème Travail d'Hercules6b+ ***Lead O/S??/Apr/13Spartacus
KalyPige6c+ ***Lead O/S??/Apr/13Grande Grotta
Spartacus7b+ ***Lead RP??/Apr/13Spartacus
Stankill6a+ **Lead O/S??/Mar/13Stankill
Frapogalo6c ***Lead O/S??/Mar/13Secret Garden
Ricounet7a ***Lead O/S??/Mar/13Secret Garden
Musclor (Black 19)f7A **Sent x02/Sep/12Buthiers Canard
Mick's Wall Aretenone 6a TR RP04/Aug/12Bowles Rocks
Mick's Wallnone 5b TR O/S04/Aug/12Bowles Rocks
Banananone 6a **TR RP04/Aug/12Bowles Rocks
Little M6b Lead O/S28/Jul/12Cheddar Gorge North
Stepped WallVD 2nd O/S28/Jul/12Cheddar Gorge North
MatanuskaVS 4c Lead O/S28/Jul/12Cheddar Gorge North
Little HopperVS 4b *Lead O/S28/Jul/12Cheddar Gorge North
Fandango Right Handnone 6a ***TR RP24/Jul/12Bowles Rocks
Upside Downiesnone 6b TR RP25/Jun/12Bowles Rocks
Encorenone 5c TR RP19/Jun/12Bowles Rocks
Illusionnone 6a *TR RP17/Jun/12Stone Farm
Serenade Aretenone 6a **TR RP17/Jun/12Bowles Rocks
The Pillarnone 5c **TR RP01/Jun/12Eridge Green Rocks
The StaircaseHS 4b *2nd O/S27/May/12Burbage South Edge
Lethargic AreteS 4a *Lead O/S27/May/12Burbage South Edge
The DrainpipeHS 4b **Lead O/S27/May/12Burbage South Edge
Roof RouteVS 4c **Lead O/S27/May/12Burbage South Edge
Satanic Alliances6b -???/2012Hidden World
Tom's Pitch7a+ **-???/2012Hidden World
Red Dwarf7a -???/2012Hidden World
The Sit Spins6b+ **-???/2012Dum's Kitchen