258 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Beginning to See the Lightf6B *-??/May/15Druids' Altar
Candy Saysf4+ *-??/May/15Druids' Altar
HadesVS 4c ***-??/May/15Baildon Bank
Quaint Groovef6C ***-??/May/15Baildon Bank
Pile of Teacakesf6C+ *-28/Apr/15Eldwick crag
Footlockerf7A+ **-28/Apr/15Eldwick crag
Olicana Aretef7A -14/Apr/15Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Red Baronf7A+ ***-??/Apr/15Shipley Glen
Holly Tree Wallf5+ -??/Mar/15Bell Bank Wood
Holly Tree Traversef5 *-??/Mar/15Bell Bank Wood
The Goblinf6C *-??/Mar/15Bell Bank Wood
The Green Goblinf6B *-??/Mar/15Bell Bank Wood
Tough Mudderf6A -??/Mar/15Bell Bank Wood
Spring Aretef5 *-??/Mar/15Bell Bank Wood
Trichomanes Radicansf6A+ -??/Mar/15Bell Bank Wood
Tody's WallHVS 5a ***-??/Mar/15Froggatt Edge
Hot Toddyf7A ***-??/Mar/15Froggatt Edge
Allen's SlabS 4a **-??/Mar/15Froggatt Edge
Sunset CrackHS 4c **-??/Mar/15Froggatt Edge
Lone Boulder Aretef6B -04/Jan/15Sharp Haw and Flasby Fell
Wall Traversef7A+ *-04/Jan/15Sharp Haw and Flasby Fell
Wall Directf6A -04/Jan/15Sharp Haw and Flasby Fell
The Finf6A **-04/Jan/15Sharp Haw and Flasby Fell
Dave's Slabf6A+ *-04/Jan/15Sharp Haw and Flasby Fell
Leaning Block Artf7A+ **-04/Jan/15Sharp Haw and Flasby Fell
Sloping Beautyf7B ***-???/2015Earl Crag
Trick Aretef6B **-???/2015Earl Crag
Crimpy Wallf5 -???/2015Earl Crag
Australia Rooff6B **-???/2015Earl Crag
Gilgameshf4 **-???/2015Sharp Haw and Flasby Fell
Humbabaf6A -???/2015Sharp Haw and Flasby Fell
Cornishf6A -???/2015Sharp Haw and Flasby Fell
Kirghiz Lightf6A *-???/2015Sharp Haw and Flasby Fell
Kamchatkaf4 -???/2015Sharp Haw and Flasby Fell
Caligulaf6B+ -05/Sep/14Druids' Altar
Jim's WallV0 5b -02/Sep/14Hetchell
The Right AreteV2 6a *-02/Sep/14Hetchell
CenturionS 4a **-02/Sep/14Hetchell
Roman CrackS 4a *-02/Sep/14Hetchell
Dave's WallV0 5a -02/Sep/14Hetchell
The UndercutV1 *-02/Sep/14Hetchell
Twin CracksVB 4a -02/Sep/14Hetchell
Layback RibV0 -02/Sep/14Hetchell
Slab Block Traversef3 Sent??/Sep/14Druids' Altar
Caius Fatuousf5 *Sent??/Sep/14Druids' Altar
The Wall that Trad Forgotf5 Sent25/Aug/14Druids' Altar
The Arete that Trad Forgotf6B *Sent25/Aug/14Druids' Altar
The Arete that is Best Forgotf4+ Sent25/Aug/14Druids' Altar
Rightwards Rising Traversef6A+ Sent25/Aug/14Druids' Altar
Caesarf7A *-02/Jul/14Druids' Altar