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NameStyleDate Crag name
Leaning Block Art-04/Jan/15Sharp Haw and Flasby Fell
Dave's Slab-04/Jan/15Sharp Haw and Flasby Fell
The Fin-04/Jan/15Sharp Haw and Flasby Fell
Wall Direct-04/Jan/15Sharp Haw and Flasby Fell
Wall Traverse-04/Jan/15Sharp Haw and Flasby Fell
Lone Boulder Arete-04/Jan/15Sharp Haw and Flasby Fell
Gilgamesh-???/2015Sharp Haw and Flasby Fell
Humbaba-???/2015Sharp Haw and Flasby Fell
Cornish-???/2015Sharp Haw and Flasby Fell
Kirghiz Light-???/2015Sharp Haw and Flasby Fell
Kamchatka-???/2015Sharp Haw and Flasby Fell
Caligula-05/Sep/14Druids' Altar
Twin Cracks-02/Sep/14Hetchell
Layback Rib-02/Sep/14Hetchell
The Undercut-02/Sep/14Hetchell
Dave's Wall-02/Sep/14Hetchell
Roman Crack-02/Sep/14Hetchell
Jim's Wall-02/Sep/14Hetchell
The Right Arete-02/Sep/14Hetchell
Slab Block TraverseSent??/Sep/14Druids' Altar
Caius FatuousSent??/Sep/14Druids' Altar
The Wall that Trad ForgotSent25/Aug/14Druids' Altar
The Arete that Trad ForgotSent25/Aug/14Druids' Altar
The Arete that is Best ForgotSent25/Aug/14Druids' Altar
Rightwards Rising TraverseSent25/Aug/14Druids' Altar
Slave 1-02/Jul/14Druids' Altar
Slave 2-02/Jul/14Druids' Altar
Caesar-02/Jul/14Druids' Altar
Prow Ordinary-30/Jun/14Rivock Edge
Prow Direct-30/Jun/14Rivock Edge
Rivock Crack-30/Jun/14Rivock Edge
Leftside-30/Jun/14Rivock Edge
Troll Time A-30/Jun/14Rivock Edge
Rivock Wall-30/Jun/14Rivock Edge
Prow Direct Sitter-30/Jun/14Rivock Edge
Le Tour de Rivock-30/Jun/14Rivock Edge
Prow Ordinary Sitter-30/Jun/14Rivock Edge
Globe-30/Jun/14Rivock Edge
Hood's Stone-30/Jun/14Robin Hood's Stone
Hideout-30/Jun/14Robin Hood's Stone
Silver Arrow-30/Jun/14Robin Hood's Stone
Tuck-30/Jun/14Robin Hood's Stone
Longstride-30/Jun/14Robin Hood's Stone
Outlaw-30/Jun/14Robin Hood's Stone
Gracchus SquitSent06/Jun/14Druids' Altar
HuffnpuffSent06/Jun/14Druids' Altar
Still Life without...Sent06/Jun/14Druids' Altar
Jolly Rogered RancherSent05/May/14St. Bees Head
Calico JackSent05/May/14St. Bees Head