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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Caligulaf6B+ - 05/Sep/14Druids' Altar
Fulliautomatixf5 - 05/Sep/14Druids' Altar
Twin CracksVB 4a - 02/Sep/14Hetchell
Layback RibV0 - 02/Sep/14Hetchell
The UndercutV1 *- 02/Sep/14Hetchell
Dave's WallV0 5a - 02/Sep/14Hetchell
Roman CrackS 4a *- 02/Sep/14Hetchell
CenturionS 4a **- 02/Sep/14Hetchell
Jim's WallV0 5b - 02/Sep/14Hetchell
The Right AreteV2 6a *- 02/Sep/14Hetchell
The Wall that Trad Forgotf5 Sent 25/Aug/14Druids' Altar
The Arete that Trad Forgotf6B *Sent 25/Aug/14Druids' Altar
The Arete that is Best Forgotf4+ Sent 25/Aug/14Druids' Altar
Rightwards Rising Traversef6A+ Sent 25/Aug/14Druids' Altar
Slave 1f3+ *- 02/Jul/14Druids' Altar
Slave 2f2+ - 02/Jul/14Druids' Altar
Caesarf7A *- 02/Jul/14Druids' Altar
Prow Ordinaryf6A - 30/Jun/14Rivock Edge
Prow Directf6B - 30/Jun/14Rivock Edge
Rivock CrackVB - 30/Jun/14Rivock Edge
Leftsidef3 - 30/Jun/14Rivock Edge
Troll Time Af5 - 30/Jun/14Rivock Edge
Rivock Wallf4 *- 30/Jun/14Rivock Edge
Prow Direct Sitterf6C+ *- 30/Jun/14Rivock Edge
Le Tour de Rivockf5+ - 30/Jun/14Rivock Edge
Prow Ordinary Sitterf6C *- 30/Jun/14Rivock Edge
Globef5+ *- 30/Jun/14Rivock Edge
Hood's Stonef2 - 30/Jun/14Robin Hood's Stone
Hideoutf3 - 30/Jun/14Robin Hood's Stone
Silver Arrowf4 - 30/Jun/14Robin Hood's Stone
TuckVB - 30/Jun/14Robin Hood's Stone
Longstridef4 *- 30/Jun/14Robin Hood's Stone
Outlawf5+ **- 30/Jun/14Robin Hood's Stone
Gracchus Squitf6C *Sent 06/Jun/14Druids' Altar
Huffnpufff6B Sent 06/Jun/14Druids' Altar
Still Life without...f7A+ Sent 06/Jun/14Druids' Altar
Jolly Rogered Rancherf5 *Sent 05/May/14St. Bees Head
Calico Jackf6A ***Sent 05/May/14St. Bees Head
The Scoop (Cryptozoo)f6C+ *Sent 05/May/14St. Bees Head
Dead Calmf7B **Sent 05/May/14St. Bees Head
CorvusD ***LeadBen Lea, Oli Walker, Tim04/May/14Raven Crag, Combe Ghyll
Troutdale PinnacleS ***Lead 03/May/14Black Crag (Borrowdale)
Brown Slabs DirectVD ***Lead 03/May/14Shepherds Crag
Damned Spankyf7A+ v7 **Sent ??/May/14Bridestones (West Yorkshire)
Small and Smartf6B+ v4 **- ??/May/14Bridestones (West Yorkshire)
Smarterf6B+ v4 **- ??/May/14Bridestones (West Yorkshire)
Holdlessf6B+ v4 **- ??/May/14Bridestones (West Yorkshire)
Harrow ButtressD **-Giles??/May/14Grey Crag (Buttermere)
Oxford and Cambridge Direct RouteS 3c ***-Giles??/May/14Grey Crag (Buttermere)
Slabs West RouteHS 4b **-Giles??/May/14Grey Crag (Buttermere)
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