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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Pinnacle ButtressVD AltLd O/S30/May/10The Dewerstone
Central GrooveHS 4b ***AltLd O/S30/May/10The Dewerstone
Route BHVD *AltLd O/S30/May/10The Dewerstone
Pitch 'n' Putt6a+ *Solo O/S12/Apr/09Giggleswick South
Match Play5c *Solo O/S12/Apr/09Giggleswick South
The Shattered Pillar5c *Solo O/S12/Apr/09Giggleswick South
Kleine Scheidegg5a Solo O/S12/Apr/09Giggleswick South
Alpiglen5c Solo O/S12/Apr/09Giggleswick South
First Pillar5a Solo O/S12/Apr/09Giggleswick South
Out Of Bounds4a **Solo O/S12/Apr/09Giggleswick South
Fore Play4a *Lead O/S11/Apr/09Foredale Quarry
Flake of Good Hope5c *Lead O/S11/Apr/09Foredale Quarry
Skulduggery4a *Lead O/S11/Apr/09Foredale Quarry
Life's a Beach6a+ *Lead O/S11/Apr/09Foredale Quarry
Bay Watch5c *Lead O/S11/Apr/09Foredale Quarry
Surfing the Stone5a *Lead O/S11/Apr/09Foredale Quarry
Zoe 25c *Lead O/S10/Mar/09Penya Ginesta
Raticulin5a *Lead O/S10/Mar/09Penya Ginesta
Lorelei5c *Lead O/S10/Mar/09Penya Ginesta
Zoe 35a *Lead O/S10/Mar/09Penya Ginesta
Plana5a *Lead O/S10/Mar/09Penya Ginesta
Ja No es Normal4c *Lead O/S10/Mar/09Penya Ginesta
Normal4a *Lead O/S10/Mar/09Penya Ginesta
La de Despres3 Lead O/S10/Mar/09Penya Ginesta
La Toquis l'Aresta3 Lead O/S10/Mar/09Penya Ginesta
Fitzcarraldo6b **Lead dog09/Mar/09Subirats
El Matat4a **Lead O/S09/Mar/09Subirats
Patera Acelera6a **Lead O/S09/Mar/09Subirats
No pas Pa-Saras6b **Lead O/S09/Mar/09Subirats
Pan de Higo6a+ **Lead O/S09/Mar/09Subirats
Ibericus5c *Lead O/S09/Mar/09Subirats
Lara4c **Lead O/S17/Oct/08Sierra de Toix
Thalia6b+ *Lead O/S17/Oct/08Sierra de Toix
No Name6a+ **Lead O/S17/Oct/08Sierra de Toix
Pegasus6a *Lead O/S17/Oct/08Sierra de Toix
Heti4c *2nd17/Oct/08Sierra de Toix
4 You6a **Lead O/S17/Oct/08Sierra de Toix
Con mallas y a lo loco3+ 2nd O/S16/Oct/08Sella
Pequeñecos IIl5a *Lead O/S16/Oct/08Sella
Bolt Tax6a **Lead O/S16/Oct/08Sella
Cartujal5c ***Lead O/S16/Oct/08Sella
Anglopithecus Britaniensis6a+ *Lead O/S16/Oct/08Sella
Nido de Piratas6b **Lead O/S16/Oct/08Sella
Scorpion4c *AltLd O/S14/Oct/08Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Vía Valencianos5c (VS) **Lead O/S13/Oct/08Penon de Ifach
Red Route II5c *Lead O/S12/Oct/08Sierra de Toix
Carlos6a *Lead O/S12/Oct/08Sierra de Toix
Renov5a ***Lead O/S12/Oct/08Sierra de Toix
Espolón Gris4c **Lead O/S11/Oct/08Sierra de Toix
La roja dos4a *Lead O/S11/Oct/08Sierra de Toix