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NameStyleDate Crag name
Star Wars2nd O/S01/Jul/12Bosherston Head
Mistaken IdentityLead O/S30/Jun/12Stennis Head
No HandsLead rpt18/Apr/12Saddle Head
HerculesLead rpt16/Apr/12Stennis Head
Hangover '77Lead O/S15/Apr/12St. Govan's Head
The ArrowLead rpt13/Apr/12St. Govan's Head
The MeridianLead rpt12/Apr/12Mother Carey's Kitchen
Cupids BowLead O/S07/Apr/12St. Govan's Head
But Incest is BestLead rpt05/Apr/12St. Govan's Head
Panzer IILead rpt29/Mar/12St. Govan's Head
No HandsLead rpt19/Feb/12Saddle Head
Shell Shock2nd O/S28/Jan/12St. Govan's Head
Bomb BayLead rpt28/Jan/12St. Govan's Head
Highland FlingLead rpt07/Jan/12Stennis Head
Quickstep2nd07/Jan/12Stennis Head
Pinned To The Sun2nd O/S17/Aug/11Flimston Bay
Bomb BayLead rpt10/Aug/11St. Govan's Head
Yellow Brick RoadAltLd O/S05/Aug/11Crocksydam Point
Tinker TailorLead O/S27/Jul/11Crickmail Point (B-Team...
The BouncerLead β27/Jul/11Crickmail Point (B-Team...
Sunsmoke2nd O/S21/Jul/11Mother Carey's Kitchen
Too Much PressureLead rpt20/Jul/11The Castle
Sarsparilla Sunset2nd O/S20/Jul/11The Castle
Vice is NiceLead rpt16/Jul/11St. Govan's Head
The Butcher2nd rpt16/Jul/11St. Govan's Head
RicochetLead β14/Jul/11St. Govan's Head
Kraken2nd O/S14/Jul/11St. Govan's Head
ManzokuLead rpt13/Jul/11Stennis Head
The ButcherTR O/S04/Jul/11St. Govan's Head
But Incest is BestTR rpt04/Jul/11St. Govan's Head
Wrap-Up2nd O/S02/Jul/11Huntsman's Leap
Strap-Up2nd O/S02/Jul/11Huntsman's Leap
ManzokuLead O/S01/Jul/11Stennis Head
The Beast from the Undergrowth2nd O/S01/Jul/11Huntsman's Leap
Cool for CatsLead rpt26/Jun/11Stennis Head
World War III Blues2nd dog26/Jun/11Stennis Head
Dire Straits2nd O/S26/Jun/11Stennis Head
HerculesLead rpt18/Jun/11Stennis Head
Mysteries2nd dog18/Jun/11Stennis Ford
Depraved2nd dog13/Jun/11St. Govan's Head
TacticianLead rpt13/Jun/11St. Govan's Head
The LoosenerLead rpt13/Jun/11St. Govan's Head
Front Line Variation (line out)Lead O/S11/Jun/11St. Govan's Head
War Crime2nd O/S11/Jun/11St. Govan's Head
War Games2nd O/S06/Jun/11St. Govan's Head
Piggy's CrackLead O/S06/Jun/11St. Govan's Head
Rock Idol2nd rpt04/Jun/11Mother Carey's Kitchen
Herod2nd O/S04/Jun/11Mother Carey's Kitchen
Fossil Turd-04/May/11Becks Point
LimboLead rpt29/Apr/11Stennis Head
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