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NameStyleDate Crag name
Point Five GullyAltLd O/S??/Jan/07Ben Nevis
The PobbleLead???/2006Souter Head
Mythical WallLead???/2006Souter Head
SeawallLead???/2006Souter Head
PickpocketLead???/2006Souter Head
Girdle TraverseLead???/2006Souter Head
Rainbow CrackLead???/2006Souter Head
Puffin WallLead???/2006Souter Head
Puffin OverhangLead???/2006Souter Head
Puffin EliminateLead???/2006Souter Head
Swing SeamLead???/2006Souter Head
TykeLead???/2006Souter Head
Mo's TraverseLead???/2006Souter Head
Mo's Traverse Independent FinishLead???/2006Souter Head
Brooker's AreteLead???/2006Souter Head
The SickleLead???/2006Souter Head
Overhang CrackLead???/2006Souter Head
Karma SouterLead???/2006Souter Head
Jade TraverseLead???/2006Souter Head
Jade ButtressLead???/2006Souter Head
JadedLead???/2006Souter Head
The White SeamLead???/2006Souter Head
Bizarre ButtressLead???/2006Backdoor Wall, Newtonhill
Van RiftoftenLead???/2006Backdoor Wall, Newtonhill
AcapulcoLead???/2006Backdoor Wall, Newtonhill
Dancin' FoolLead???/2006Bass Inlet
Plum JamLead???/2006Bass Inlet
Willie's WayLead???/2006Bass Inlet
Twin Cracks-???/2006Black Rock Gulch
The Shute-???/2006Black Rock Gulch
Red Faced-???/2006Black Rock Gulch
The Stick Up-???/2006Black Rock Gulch
The Stick-Up Direct-???/2006Black Rock Gulch
Mellow Yellow-???/2006Black Rock Gulch
Windy Ledge-???/2006Black Rock Gulch
Astra-???/2006Black Rock Gulch
Black Rock Chimney-???/2006Black Rock Gulch
Yellow Edge-???/2006Black Rock Gulch
Yellow Diedre-???/2006Black Rock Gulch
The Purple Way-???/2006Black Rock Gulch
The Bean-???/2006Black Rock Gulch
Has Bean-???/2006Black Rock Gulch
Yawn PillarSolo???/2006Deceptive Wall
ShagSolo???/2006Deceptive Wall
CormorantSolo???/2006Deceptive Wall
All QuietSolo???/2006Deceptive Wall
WavesSolo???/2006Deceptive Wall
The SommeSolo???/2006Deceptive Wall
Big DaddySolo???/2006Deceptive Wall
Fretted SocketSolo???/2006Deceptive Wall