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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Chimney SweepD Solo O/S 25/Apr/11Cardwell Quarry
Midsummer MadnessHVS 5a Solo O/S 25/Apr/11Cardwell Quarry
Trowel CornerD Solo O/S 25/Apr/11Cardwell Quarry
Block OutHVS 5a Solo O/S 25/Apr/11Cardwell Quarry
BattyHVS 5a Solo O/S 25/Apr/11Cardwell Quarry
Bats in the BelfryHVS 5a Solo O/S 25/Apr/11Cardwell Quarry
What the Eye Doesn't SeeVS 4c *Solo O/S 25/Apr/11Cardwell Quarry
OwlingHVS 5a *Solo O/S 25/Apr/11Cardwell Quarry
Rama's LambVS 4c Solo O/S 25/Apr/11Cardwell Quarry
Bite the DustVD *Solo O/S 25/Apr/11Cardwell Quarry
November EmberHS 4b Solo O/S 25/Apr/11Cardwell Quarry
Hernia WallS 4a *Solo O/S 25/Apr/11Cardwell Quarry
Groin RightHS 4b Solo O/S 25/Apr/11Cardwell Quarry
Last CrackE1 5b 2nd O/S 25/Apr/11Cardwell Quarry
Cautley SpoutIII **- 23/Dec/10Cautley Spout
The Last TemptationE6 6c ***TR 20/Nov/10Thorn Crag
The Villainf5+ v2 *SentAndrew Smith07/Nov/10Bridestones (West Yorkshire)
Smarterf6B+ v4 **SentAndrew Smith07/Nov/10Bridestones (West Yorkshire)
Gripe Fruit JuiceHVS 5a Lead O/SAndrew Smith17/Oct/10Stanage Plantation
Shelf LifeE3 5c *Lead O/SAndrew Smith17/Oct/10Stanage Plantation
Hercules CrackS 4a *2nd O/SAndrew Smith17/Oct/10Stanage Plantation
Coral SeaVS 4c **Lead rptAndrew Smith10/Oct/10Trowbarrow
AssagaiHVS 5a **Lead rptAndrew Smith10/Oct/10Trowbarrow
SluiceHVS 5a *2nd O/SNick H10/Oct/10Trowbarrow
JomoVD ***2nd rptAndrew Smith10/Oct/10Trowbarrow
Ramp AntS 4a *Lead rptAndrew Smith10/Oct/10Trowbarrow
Ramp AntS 4a *2nd rptAndrew Smith10/Oct/10Trowbarrow
Call Direct6c *Lead O/SNick24/Jul/10Robin Proctor's Scar
The Shield6c **Lead O/SNick24/Jul/10Robin Proctor's Scar
Tombstone Blues6a Lead O/SNick24/Jul/10Robin Proctor's Scar
Subterranean Homesick Blues6a+ **Lead O/SNick24/Jul/10Robin Proctor's Scar
Dr Frank(enstein)'s Nightmare5a Lead O/SNick24/Jul/10Robin Proctor's Scar
Living The Dream5c *Lead O/SNick24/Jul/10Robin Proctor's Scar
Storm Force6a+ Lead O/SNick24/Jul/10Robin Proctor's Scar
Second Wind6a+ *Lead O/SNick24/Jul/10Robin Proctor's Scar
Wind Of Change6a+ Lead O/SNick24/Jul/10Robin Proctor's Scar
Forever Young7a+ **Lead dogNick24/Jul/10Robin Proctor's Scar
Al's IdeaE1 5c Solo O/SNick??/May/10Wilton 3
Orange WallVS 4b Solo O/SNick??/May/10Wilton 3
Orange CrackHS 4b Solo O/SNick??/May/10Wilton 3
Orange GrooveVD *Solo O/SNick??/May/10Wilton 3
Monolith CrackVS 4b Solo O/SNick??/May/10Wilton 3
CedricS 4a *Solo O/SNick??/May/10Wilton 3
Orange CornerVD Solo O/SNick??/May/10Wilton 3
Oak Leaf CrackVD *Solo O/SNick??/May/10Wilton 3
Forked CracksVS 4b *Solo O/SNick??/May/10Wilton 3
Parallel CracksS 4a *Solo O/SNick??/May/10Wilton 3
The GrooveVD *Solo O/SNick??/May/10Wilton 3
MoHS 4b *Solo O/SNick??/May/10Wilton 3
MineyVD Solo O/SNick??/May/10Wilton 3
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