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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Sisyphus 5a ** Lead 03/Oct Kastelli
Psomi ke Elies 4c * Lead 03/Oct Kastelli
Ghecko's Home 5c * Lead 03/Oct Kastelli
Gyzis 5b * Lead 03/Oct Kastelli
Gefaehrliche Brandung 6a ** Lead 03/Oct Kastelli
Optasia 5b ** Lead 02/Oct Arhi
Carlo non Farlo 5b ** Lead 02/Oct Arhi
Blu 6a ** Lead 01/Oct Spartacus Area
Nonno Ringo 5c ** Lead 01/Oct Spartacus Area
Origano 5a * Lead 01/Oct Spartacus Area
Thalassopouli 5c *** Lead 28/Sep Sea Breeze
Sea Parc 5b ** Lead 28/Sep Sea Breeze
EOS 6a *** Lead 28/Sep Sea Breeze
Bleuet 6a+ *** Lead 28/Sep Sea Breeze
Cima Piccola 6a *** Lead 27/Sep Prophitis Andreas
Thavmasia 5c *** Lead 27/Sep Prophitis Andreas
Rhythm of the Rain 6a *** 2nd 26/Sep Arginonta Valley
Alani 6a+ *** Lead 26/Sep Arginonta Valley
Hippocrates 6a ** Lead 26/Sep Arginonta Valley
Skafandro 5c ** Lead 26/Sep Arginonta Valley
Yellow Edge 6a+ * 2nd dog 29/Aug Robin Proctor's Scar
Dr Frank(enstein)'s Nightmare 6a Lead 29/Aug Robin Proctor's Scar
The Modern Prometheus 6a * Lead 29/Aug Robin Proctor's Scar
Tombstone Blues 6a * Lead 29/Aug Robin Proctor's Scar
Subterranean Homesick Blues 6a+ ** 2nd 29/Aug Robin Proctor's Scar