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NameStyleDate Crag name
Nothing to Say SSSent x21/Apr/15Woodwell
Nothing to SaySent x21/Apr/15Woodwell
SubliminalSent x21/Apr/15Woodwell
Got a Lot to SaySent x21/Apr/15Woodwell
Pylon Right to LeftSent x21/Apr/15Woodwell
Warm Up TraverseSent x20/Apr/15Trowbarrow
Bulge direct SSSent x20/Apr/15Trowbarrow
Mud MonkeySent O/S20/Apr/15Trowbarrow
Branching OutLead O/S11/Apr/15Giggleswick North
Retro-KillerLead O/S11/Apr/15Giggleswick North
Debbie DirectLead O/S11/Apr/15Giggleswick North
The CraftsmanLead O/S11/Apr/15Giggleswick North
IllywackerLead dnf11/Apr/15Giggleswick North
PathfinderLead RP06/Apr/15Mill Side Scar (Millside Scar)
Cracked ActorLead O/S05/Apr/15Trowbarrow
Jean JeanieLead05/Apr/15Trowbarrow
Whisky GaloreSent22/Mar/15Brimham Rocks
DonaldSent O/S22/Mar/15Brimham Rocks
Masters at WorkSent x21/Mar/15Warton Pinnacle Crag
Dihedral SDSSent x21/Mar/15Warton Pinnacle Crag
Hoodoo PeopleSent x21/Mar/15Warton Pinnacle Crag
BeastmasterSent x21/Mar/15Warton Pinnacle Crag
Dead Moggy SyndromeLead O/S15/Mar/15Penmaen Head
Statement of Twlight YearsLead O/S15/Mar/15Penmaen Head
Flowstone ShuffleLead O/S15/Mar/15Penmaen Head
NWB Lefthand P1Sent x14/Mar/15Cromlech boulders
Brown's CrackSent x14/Mar/15Cromlech boulders
NWB Central P1Sent x14/Mar/15Cromlech boulders
NWB Central P2Sent x14/Mar/15Cromlech boulders
NWB Central P3Sent x14/Mar/15Cromlech boulders
The ScoopSent x14/Mar/15Cromlech boulders
Scoop LipSent x14/Mar/15Cromlech boulders
Heel Hook TraverseSent x14/Mar/15Cromlech boulders
Central GullyLead O/S01/Feb/15Brown Cove Crags
Junket PumperLead RP29/Nov/14Centennial Glen
Split WaveLead RP29/Nov/14Centennial Glen
JawsLead O/S29/Nov/14Centennial Glen
Hairy HorraceLead dog28/Nov/14Centennial Glen
WoodpeckerLead RP28/Nov/14Centennial Glen
Powerbra RangersLead O/S28/Nov/14Porters Pass
IonaLead dog27/Nov/14Centennial Glen
Madge MacdonaldLead dog27/Nov/14Centennial Glen
Golden FleeceLead O/S21/Nov/14Central Gully Left Side
Surface to AirLead O/S21/Nov/14The Atridae
TanninLead O/S21/Nov/14The Organ Pipes
HornpipeLead O/S21/Nov/14The Organ Pipes
EntertainerLead O/S20/Nov/14The Far Northern Group
SideshowLead O/S20/Nov/14The Far Northern Group
MuldoonLead O/S19/Nov/14The Atridae
JawsLead O/S15/Nov/14Centennial Glen