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NameStyleDate Crag name
Big HandLead RP06/Sep/14Technical Wall
Bad GirlLead RP06/Sep/14Technical Wall
The Small RoofLead RP06/Sep/14Technical Wall
The Black CornerLead O/S06/Sep/14Technical Wall
The Black FaceLead O/S06/Sep/14Technical Wall
MucaLead O/S22/Aug/14Moon Hill
China WhiteLead dog21/Aug/14White Mountain
Fire BirdLead O/S21/Aug/14White Mountain
The Missing LinkLead O/S21/Aug/14White Mountain
Cave ManLead dog21/Aug/14White Mountain
Beautiful ShadowLead O/S19/Aug/14Twin Gate
Da FeijiLead dog19/Aug/14Twin Gate
Da Pi GuLead O/S19/Aug/14Twin Gate
Xin Jiang BlackLead O/S19/Aug/14Twin Gate
Tail SpinLead dog18/Aug/14The Egg
Too Much EcstasyLead O/S18/Aug/14The Egg
No 15, Classic Face (Rishimuk Plateau)Sent O/S01/Jul/14Island Sector A (Hampi)
Problem 1, Boulder 10, Rishimukh PlateauSent O/S01/Jul/14Island Sector A (Hampi)
Problem 1, Boulder 13, Egg Boulders AreaSent O/S01/Jul/14Island Sector A (Hampi)
Easy Crack (Island Sector A)Sent O/S30/Jun/14Island Sector A (Hampi)
No 22, Crack (Rishimuk Plateau)Sent O/S30/Jun/14Island Sector A (Hampi)
No 23, Face (Rishimuk Plateau)Sent O/S30/Jun/14Island Sector A (Hampi)
No 23, Face (Rishimuk Plateau)Sent O/S30/Jun/14Island Sector A (Hampi)
Freedom SafariLead RP02/Feb/14Wild Kingdom
Concrete JungleLead O/S02/Feb/14Wild Kingdom
Mutual of OmahaLead O/S02/Feb/14Wild Kingdom
OverstayLead O/S02/Feb/14Wild Kingdom
InfernoLead O/S15/Nov/13Santa Linya
SpanglishLead O/S15/Nov/13Santa Linya
Red DuskLead O/S15/Nov/13Santa Linya
El IluminatiLead O/S15/Nov/13Santa Linya
CóleraLead RP15/Nov/13Santa Linya
El KalkiloLead O/S15/Nov/13Santa Linya
Om Mane Padme OmLead O/S14/Nov/13Collegats (La Pobla de Segur)
FakirLead dog14/Nov/13Collegats (La Pobla de Segur)
BocamollLead O/S14/Nov/13Collegats (La Pobla de Segur)
El Senyor de les MosquesLead O/S12/Nov/13Margalef
Carn d'OllaLead O/S12/Nov/13Margalef
El Dia de la BestiaLead O/S12/Nov/13Margalef
BitxLead O/S12/Nov/13Margalef
El Espinazo del DiabloLead dog12/Nov/13Margalef
Aluminosis DeportivaLead O/S11/Nov/13Margalef
Bona MinyonaLead dog11/Nov/13Margalef
FigaflowerLead O/S11/Nov/13Margalef
GaudirLead O/S09/Nov/13Collegats (La Pobla de Segur)
FleckLead O/S09/Nov/13Collegats (La Pobla de Segur)
ArnaladaLead O/S09/Nov/13Collegats (La Pobla de Segur)
Happy FlowersLead RP09/Nov/13Collegats (La Pobla de Segur)
Il GamberretoLead O/S08/Nov/13Collegats (La Pobla de Segur)
EternaLead O/S08/Nov/13Collegats (La Pobla de Segur)
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