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Logbook for doug5_10

48 climbs in this logbook

Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
The Black Wall Traversef6C+ ***Sent rpt 04/Apr/13Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Juggy Traversef6A Sent x 04/Apr/13Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Overhang Problemf6A *Sent O/S 04/Apr/13Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
NWB Central P1V0+ *Sent O/S 10/Oct/12Cromlech boulders
NWB Central P2V0 *Sent O/S 10/Oct/12Cromlech boulders
NWB Central P3V0 *Sent O/S 10/Oct/12Cromlech boulders
NWB Central P4V0- *Sent O/S 10/Oct/12Cromlech boulders
Backside AreteV0- Sent O/S 10/Oct/12Cromlech boulders
Backside WallV0 Sent O/S 10/Oct/12Cromlech boulders
Roadside P33V0- *Sent O/S 10/Oct/12Cromlech boulders
The ShelfV0+ Sent O/S 10/Oct/12Cromlech boulders
Black Wall, Right Wall Problem Eliminatef7A *Sent x 08/Jul/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
The Long Stride VariationVS 5a *Solo O/S 05/Jun/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Athlete's AreteHVS 5a Solo O/S 05/Jun/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Hyphen RouteHVS 5a *Solo O/S 05/Jun/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Initial RouteVS 5b *Solo β 05/Jun/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Wicked LadyVS 4c **Solo O/S 29/May/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Black Wall, Layback Problem Directf6B *Sent x 26/May/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Black Wall, Central Wall Eliminatef6C **Sent x 26/May/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Black Wall, Layback Problemf6B *Sent x 24/May/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Black Wall, Left Wall Directf6B Sent x 23/May/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Black Wall, Press Problemf6C+ **Sent xdomscott19/May/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Black SlabS **Solo O/S 13/May/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Black ChimneyS *Solo O/S 29/Apr/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Sentry BoxS *Solo O/S 24/Apr/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Rib and MantelshelfS Solo O/S 24/Apr/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Graham's RouteS *Solo O/S 22/Apr/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Recess ClimbS *Solo O/S 22/Apr/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Notch ClimbS Solo O/S 22/Apr/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Black Wall, Right Wall Problemf6A *Sent x 15/Apr/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Black Wall Aretef4+ Sent O/S 15/Apr/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Black Wall, 'M' problemf6B *Sent x 15/Apr/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Black Wall, Central Highball Problemf6B **Sent x 15/Apr/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
The Lift AreteVD Solo O/S 14/Apr/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Red SlabD *Solo O/S 14/Apr/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
The SplitsS Solo O/S 14/Apr/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
White SlabVD Solo O/S 14/Apr/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
The Long StrideM *Solo O/S 14/Apr/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Original RouteM Solo O/S 14/Apr/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Hanging SlabS *Solo O/S 27/Mar/08Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Crossfiref5+ Sent O/S 06/Jun/07Agassiz Rock
Wrenched Soulf6A Sent x 06/Jun/07Agassiz Rock
Sawtoothf6C Sent x 06/Jun/07Agassiz Rock
Black Wall Traverse (L-R low start)f7A **Sent x 21/May/07Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Black Wall Traverse (R-L low)f7B **Sent x 02/May/07Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Black Wall Traverse (R-L)f6C+ **Sent x 24/Apr/07Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
The Black Wall Traversef6C+ ***Sent x 01/Mar/06Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
The LiftM *Solo O/S ???/2006Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)