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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
OmHS 4b 2nd13/Jul/14Twistleton Scars
Skeleton ScoopVD 2nd13/Jul/14Twistleton Scars
Evening StarS ***Lead O/S13/Jul/14Twistleton Scars
'C' Ordinary RouteD ***AltLd17/May/14Dow Crag
Slabs OrdinaryVD AltLd05/May/14Grey Crag (Buttermere)
Harrow ButtressD **AltLd05/May/14Grey Crag (Buttermere)
Ash Tree SlabsVD ***Lead O/S09/Sep/12Gimmer Crag
Mohammed the Morbid MogulS 4a Lead O/S25/Jun/12Denham Quarry
AnnE1 5b *TR24/Jun/12Wilton 1
Rambling RouteVD *Lead24/Jun/12Wilton 1
The LaybackVS 4c 2nd20/Jun/12Denham Quarry
DislocationVD Lead O/S20/Jun/12Denham Quarry
LintelS 4a Lead20/Jun/12Denham Quarry
Step in the CloudsS 4b *Lead20/Jun/12Denham Quarry
Ivy WayVD 2nd30/May/12Warton Upper Crag
BrainchildS 4a *2nd30/May/12Warton Upper Crag
Finger of FunVD Lead O/S30/May/12Warton Upper Crag
What the Eye Doesn't SeeVS 4c *Lead28/May/12Cardwell Quarry
Zero WallHS 2nd27/May/12Twistleton Scars
ChristineD Lead O/S27/May/12Twistleton Scars
SerenityVS 5a **Lead O/S27/May/12Twistleton Scars
Night ClubVD 2nd27/May/12Twistleton Scars
Right Hand CrackS *2nd27/May/12Twistleton Scars
Left Hand CrackVD *Lead27/May/12Twistleton Scars
Barrier ReefS 4a 2nd23/Oct/11Trowbarrow
Coral SeaVS 4c **Lead O/S23/Oct/11Trowbarrow
PigfallS 4a Lead O/S??/Oct/11Trowbarrow
Barrier ReefS 4a Lead??/Oct/11Trowbarrow
Bird ChimneyS 4a *Lead O/S22/Aug/11Wilton 1
Rambling RouteVD *2nd22/Aug/11Wilton 1
Troughton Beck1 -21/Aug/11Pike O Stickle
Main Face3 ***-21/Aug/11Pike O Stickle
Orange CornerVD Lead03/Aug/11Wilton 3
Mohammed the Medieval MelancholicHVS 5a **Lead O/S27/Jul/11Denham Quarry
Aviemore AreteS Lead O/S27/Jul/11Denham Quarry
40ft CornerVS 4b *2nd25/Jul/11Wilton 3
Crack and Slab VariantVD *2nd25/Jul/11Wilton 3
Great ChimneyD Solo25/Jul/11Wilton 3
SneckS 4a Lead O/S25/Jul/11Wilton 3
Jean JeanieVS 4c ***Lead O/S24/Jul/11Trowbarrow
Twentieth Century Schitzoid ManD **2nd24/Jul/11Trowbarrow
Orange WallVS 4b 2nd20/Jul/11Wilton 3
Monolith CrackVS 4b Lead O/S20/Jul/11Wilton 3
No IdeaVS 4b Lead O/S20/Jul/11Wilton 3
BarbecueS 4a Lead11/Jul/11Wilton 3
Green SlabsVD 2nd11/Jul/11Wilton 3
PulleyS 4a 2nd11/Jul/11Wilton 3
The AreteVS 4b *Lead O/S11/Jul/11Wilton 3
Forked CracksVS 4b *Lead04/Jul/11Wilton 3
MeenyVD Lead04/Jul/11Wilton 3