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NameStyleDate Crag name
High Buttress AreteLead O/S25/Mar/15Windgather Rocks
Wall ClimbLead O/S25/Mar/15Windgather Rocks
The MedicineSolo O/S25/Mar/15Windgather Rocks
CentreLead O/S25/Mar/15Windgather Rocks
Sooty And SweepLead O/S19/Jan/15Mount Amos
BosworthTR09/Nov/14You Yangs
Big KissLead O/S09/Jun/14Panorama Wall
Shothole Slab-???/2014Arthurs Seat boulders
7 Year Titch-???/2014Arthurs Seat boulders
Phffft!-???/2014Arthurs Seat boulders
Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?-???/2014Arthurs Seat boulders
Kaiseth-???/2014Arthurs Seat boulders
Mental-???/2014Arthurs Seat boulders
Barbecue Beef-???/2014Cairns Bay Crag
Cheese 'n' Onion-???/2014Cairns Bay Crag
Salt 'n' Vinegar-???/2014Cairns Bay Crag
CatharsisSent16/Dec/13Arthurs Seat boulders
The Old ProspectorSent x08/Dec/13Arthurs Seat boulders
AdventSent x03/Dec/13Arthurs Seat boulders
Pobblebonk PebbleSent O/S28/Nov/13Arthurs Seat boulders
Many Happy ReturnsLead O/S04/Jul/13Anglezarke Quarry
Which One's Pink?Lead O/S??/Jul/13Erraid Crags
Pink OneLead O/S??/Jul/13Erraid Crags
SkeletonsLead dog??/Jul/13Ardmair Crags
Sole Incantatore-???/2011Cala Goloritze
Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter-???/2009Froggatt Edge (New Zealand)
Mister Daddy Longlegs-???/2009Froggatt Edge (New Zealand)
Terror Incognita-???/2009Froggatt Edge (New Zealand)
Watchtower CrackLead???/2009The Watchtower Faces
BrolgaLead???/2009The Watchtower Faces
MegalomaniacLead???/2009Central Gully Right Side,...
MariLead???/2009Central Gully Right Side,...
ArabLead???/2009Central Gully Right Side,...
MorfyddLead???/2009Central Gully Right Side,...
Running on EmptyLead???/2009Pharos Gully
PibrochLead???/2009Pharos Gully
Blockbuster-???/2009The Bluffs
Bulger-???/2009The Bluffs
Finger Prince-???/2009The Organ Pipes
D Minor-???/2009The Organ Pipes
Libretto-???/2009The Organ Pipes
Tannin-???/2009The Organ Pipes
Swinging-???/2009Castle Crag
Eurydice-???/2009Bard Buttress
The Bard-???/2009Bard Buttress
Seth (in the rock and run online guide as Sierra Nevada)Lead O/S08/Jun/07Eilean a Ghearrain
Little MahiaLead O/S21/Sep/06Penyghent
The Can-???/2006Caley Crags
The Crenelated Ridge-???/2006Caley Crags
The Sentry Box-???/2006Caley Crags