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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Spread the DonkeyVS 4c 2ndRory OHM18/Oct/14Logie Head
Cullenary DelightVS 5a ***2nd rptRory OHM18/Oct/14Logie Head
No Hands CrackE1 5b Lead rptRory OHM18/Oct/14Logie Head
Moray EelVS 4c **Lead rptRory OHM18/Oct/14Logie Head
Rising StarHVS 5b ***Lead rptRory OHM18/Oct/14Logie Head
Western StarE2 5c LeadRory OHM18/Oct/14Logie Head
Fallen StarVS 4c ***2nd rptRory OHM18/Oct/14Logie Head
Southern CrossE2 5b LeadRory OHM18/Oct/14Logie Head
Remembrance SundayE2 5b *LeadRory OHM18/Oct/14Logie Head
Material AdvantageHVS 5a **LeadRory OHM18/Oct/14Logie Head
Sea-ScoopVS 4c *AltLdSteAdy12/Oct/14Long Haven Quarries
Red BullE1 5a **LeadRory OHM28/Sep/14The Red Tower Area
Neanderthal manE2 5b **LeadRory OHM28/Sep/14The Red Tower Area
WaltzinblackE4 5c **LeadRory OHM28/Sep/14The Red Tower Area
Tarzan WallHS 2ndRory OHM28/Sep/14The Red Tower Area
Black DiamondE4 6a AltLdWhistler13/Sep/14Creag an Dubh Loch
Slyme CrymeE4 6a LeadTim W10/Aug/14Covesea
Synthetic PathwayE1 5a **2ndTim W10/Aug/14Covesea
Urban GorillaE3 6a **Lead rptTim W10/Aug/14Covesea
Family AffairE2 5b *2nd rptTim W10/Aug/14Covesea
Past ImprefectHVS 5a *2ndTim W10/Aug/14Covesea
The King7c+ ***Lead dogAmanda08/Aug/14Red Wall Quarry
Paul TaxE5 6b LeadJames R05/Aug/14Covesea
Protection RacketE1 5b *2ndJames R05/Aug/14Covesea
Sleepy HollowE1 5a *2ndJames R05/Aug/14Covesea
12 Week ScanE2 5c **LeadJames R05/Aug/14Covesea
Family AffairE2 5b *LeadJames R05/Aug/14Covesea
Banana RepublicE1 5b **2nd rptJames R05/Aug/14Covesea
WarlordE1 5b **LeadRuss04/Aug/14The Warlord Cliff
HarmonyE3 5c **2ndRuss04/Aug/14The Warlord Cliff
Things That Go Cronk in the EastE2 5b AltLdRuss04/Aug/14Yoags' Cliff
JarheadE4 5c 2ndRuss04/Aug/14Yoags' Cliff
Living Through the LambadaE2 5c **2nd rptSteAdy, Andy03/Aug/14Rosehearty
TombstoneE5 6a *LeadSteAdy, Andy03/Aug/14Rosehearty
HeartbreakerE5 6b ***Lead dnfSteAdy, Andy03/Aug/14Rosehearty
AfterglowE2 5b ***2ndSteAdy, Andy03/Aug/14Rosehearty
Fascist OctopusE5 6b **Leadpeter h29/Jul/14Covesea
Banana RepublicE1 5b **2nd rptpeter h29/Jul/14Covesea
The Domino EffectE3 5c **2nd rptpeter h29/Jul/14Covesea
Hacuna MatattaE3 5c **Leadpeter h29/Jul/14Covesea
ZugzwangE3 5c *Leadpeter h29/Jul/14Covesea
BombadilloE4 6a **AltLd dnfWhistler26/Jul/14Creag an Dubh Loch
Eye of AllahE3 5b, 5c **AltLdDave O25/Jul/14Creag an Dubh Loch
Mither FickerE3 5c *LeadSteAdy18/Jul/14Mither Tap (Bennachie)
Amethyst PillarHVS 5a ***AltLdSteAdy17/Jul/14Coire Sputan Dearg
BoleroE5 6b *LeadSteAdy17/Jul/14Coire Sputan Dearg
Promontory TraverseS **SoloSteAdy15/Jul/14Promontory Wall
Old CobblersHVS 5a *2ndSteAdy15/Jul/14Promontory Wall
Sole FusionE1 5b **2ndSteAdy15/Jul/14Promontory Wall
Sole MateE2 5b **LeadSteAdy15/Jul/14Promontory Wall
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