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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Berlin Extension7b ***Lead rpt21/May/15Dinas Rock
Joy de Viva7a ***Lead rpt17/May/15Foxhole
A Leopard Cannot Change His Spots2 Lead O/S17/May/15Foxhole
Blockiness6c+ **Lead β20/Sep/14Rhossili Bay
John's Route6a+ **Lead O/S20/Sep/14Rhossili Bay
Make a Splash6a+ Lead β20/Sep/14Rhossili Bay
Fats Waller6c **Lead RP14/Sep/14Rhossili Bay
Black Adder6c **Lead O/S14/Sep/14Rhossili Bay
Sand Man6b Lead O/S14/Sep/14Rhossili Bay
First Handout6a+ *Lead O/S14/Sep/14Rhossili Bay
King George vs the Suffragettes7a+ **Lead RP02/Aug/14Rhossili Bay
Par 36b+ *Lead β05/Jul/14Rhossili Bay
Technitis6c Lead RP01/Jul/14Dinas Rock
By Proxy7a Lead RP01/Jul/14Dinas Rock
Nostradamus7b *Lead RP25/Jun/14Rams Tor
Crock Of Gold7c+ *Lead RP23/Jun/14Dinas Rock
Crock of Shit7c **Lead RP31/May/14Dinas Rock
Beyond The Fringe6b *Lead rpt21/May/14Minchen Hole
The Raven7a+ ***Lead rpt21/May/14Minchen Hole
Retrobution7b **Lead RP11/May/14Trial Wall Area
Giardino dell'Eden6b+ Lead β09/May/13Millenium Cave
Millennium7a Lead dog09/May/13Millenium Cave
La nausea6c+ *Lead β07/May/13Cala Luna
Il guru7a **Lead RP07/May/13Cala Luna
Cipporine7a ***Lead RP06/May/13Biddiriscottai
Mina vagente6c *Lead RP06/May/13Biddiriscottai
Fuck5a *Lead O/S06/May/13Biddiriscottai
Spalmabile Piccante6b+ ***Lead β05/May/13Arcadio
L'Italia Nel Pallone7a+ **Lead RP05/May/13Arcadio
V. B.7a ***Lead β05/May/13Arcadio
Un Panino e Via7c ***Lead dog03/May/13Arcadio
Dos Matalas6b+ ***Lead O/S03/May/13Arcadio
Akuna Matata6c ***Lead O/S03/May/13Arcadio
Brod Oy7a+ ***Lead RP03/May/13Arcadio
Dea Pagana7c Lead dog02/May/13Millenium Cave
Yoddu li e Dulli ö6a Lead β02/May/13Millenium Cave
Trentatrč Trentini6b+ Lead β02/May/13Millenium Cave
Malu6a+ *Lead β30/Apr/13Cala Fuili
Il volo di Icaro6c+ ***Lead RP30/Apr/13Cala Fuili
L'incantatore di Serpenti6a+ Lead β30/Apr/13Cala Fuili
Piemontese Falso e Cortese6b Lead β30/Apr/13Cala Fuili
Cannello Sauro7b+ **Lead dnf30/Apr/13Cala Fuili
Aberrante (Pitch One)6b+ ***Lead O/S29/Apr/13Biddiriscottai
Schiavi bianchi6c+ *Lead β29/Apr/13Biddiriscottai
Vai Tossina!5c **Lead O/S29/Apr/13Biddiriscottai
Lithium5a *Lead O/S29/Apr/13Biddiriscottai
Eddy5c *Lead O/S29/Apr/13Biddiriscottai
Bucio de culo5a *Lead O/S29/Apr/13Biddiriscottai
Unlikely Alliance6b *Lead rpt07/Apr/13Foxhole
Joy de Viva7a ***Lead rpt07/Apr/13Foxhole