39 entries in this logbook

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
RingoS 4a *2nd dog30/Aug/08Burbage North
Think of EnglandM 2nd O/S30/Aug/08Burbage North
Leaning Block CrackVD Lead O/S30/Aug/08Burbage North
Black Slab AreteS 4a Lead O/S30/Aug/08Burbage North
Ring ClimbS 4a Lead O/S30/Aug/08Burbage North
Wild Iris5c *2nd O/S23/Aug/08North Berwick Law
PeglustS 4a Lead O/S23/Aug/08North Berwick Law
Finis HorriblisVD Lead O/S23/Aug/08North Berwick Law
Jeune EcoleS 4b **Lead O/S03/Aug/08Clifton Crag
Dirl ChimneyVS 4c ***2nd03/Aug/08Clifton Crag
PhysiologyVD *Lead O/S01/Aug/08Stanage Popular
Moyer's ClimbHS 4b *Lead01/Aug/08Gardoms Edge
Crack and CornerS 4b ***Lead01/Aug/08Stanage Popular
Temple CrackVD 2nd31/Jul/08Rivelin Edge
Ash Tree VariationsVS 5b *2nd30/Jul/08Burbage North
Bilberry CrackVD *2nd30/Jul/08Burbage North
Bilberry FaceVD 2nd30/Jul/08Burbage North
Black SlabVS 4b *2nd30/Jul/08Burbage North
Hollyash CrackVS 4b **2nd30/Jul/08Burbage North
Knight's MoveHVS 5a ***2nd30/Jul/08Burbage North
PulcherrimeVS 4b *2nd29/Jul/08Burbage North
Mutiny CrackHS 4b ***2nd29/Jul/08Burbage North
The Big SmirrS 4a *Lead O/S28/Jul/08Dungeon of Buchan
Carrick CornerVS 4c **2nd28/Jul/08Dungeon of Buchan
ScreamS 4b Lead O/S20/Jul/08Auchinstarry Quarry
Access RouteD ***Lead O/S20/Jul/08Auchinstarry Quarry
Black SlabVS 4b *2nd13/Jul/08Burbage North
Ash Tree CrackVD *Lead O/S13/Jul/08Burbage North
Sentinel Crack (Burbage North)D Lead O/S13/Jul/08Burbage North
The StaircaseHS 4b *2nd O/S12/Jul/08Burbage South Edge
Heaven CrackVD ***2nd O/S10/May/08Stanage Popular
Chockstone ChimneyHVD 4a *2nd O/S10/May/08Stanage Plantation
Goliath's GrooveHVS 5a ***2nd dog10/May/08Stanage Plantation
TrundleVS 4c **Lead O/S01/May/07Auchinstarry Quarry
White SlabHS 4b **Lead O/S19/Apr/07Auchinstarry Quarry
TarS Lead O/S19/Apr/07Auchinstarry Quarry
SpirogyraVS 4c Lead O/S12/Apr/07Auchinstarry Quarry
Lion CubVS 4b *2nd???/2007Auchinstarry Quarry
MastalgiaVS 4c *2nd???/2007Auchinstarry Quarry