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Logbook for Bob Loblaw

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Pet Cemetery7a ***Lead RPTomar17/Jul/14Ban-y-gor
The Brink of SolarityHVS 5a **Lead O/SSimon05/Jun/14Portishead Quarry
PickpocketHVS 5a **Lead O/SSimon05/Jun/14Portishead Quarry
FoilVS 5a *Lead O/SStuart Blackler??/Jun/14Diabaig
West RibHVS 5a **Lead O/SStuart Blackler??/Jun/14Dinas Mot
BarbarianE1 5b **Lead O/SStuart Blackler??/Jun/14Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
ScratchVS 4c *Lead O/SStuart Blackler??/Jun/14Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
Scratch AreteHVS 5a **Lead O/SStuart Blackler??/Jun/14Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
Grim Wall DirectE1 5b **Lead O/SStuart Blackler??/Jun/14Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
Grim WallVS 4c **Lead O/SStuart Blackler??/Jun/14Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
MeshachHVS 5a **Lead O/SStuart Blackler??/Jun/14Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
Hydraulic JumpVS 4c *Lead O/SSimon30/Mar/14Shorn Cliff
Organ GrinderHVS 5a **Lead O/SSimon30/Mar/14Shorn Cliff
Mr Whippy6c+ Lead O/S 22/Feb/14Wyndcliffe Quarry
Diminishing Returns6c *Lead O/S 22/Feb/14Wyndcliffe Quarry
Wilkinson's Sword7a *Lead RPTomar22/Feb/14Wyndcliffe Quarry
Black MagicD ***Lead O/SStuart Blackler??/Nov/13Wadi Rum
InfernoF6b ***Lead O/SStuart Blackler??/Nov/13Wadi Rum
GoldfingerF5+ **Lead O/SStuart Blackler??/Nov/13Wadi Rum
The BeautyTD ***Lead O/SStuart Blackler??/Nov/13Wadi Rum
Merlin's Wand (Super Crack of Rum)F6a+ ***Lead O/SStuart Blackler??/Nov/13Wadi Rum
SundownF6a *Lead O/SStuart Blackler??/Nov/13Wadi Rum
Spy in the Sky7b Lead RP 30/Jun/10Cheddar Gorge North
Shock of the New7b+ **Lead RP 28/Jun/10Cheddar Gorge South
England's Dreaming7a+ ***Lead RP 03/May/10Blacknor North
The ArrowE1 5b ***Lead O/S 25/Apr/10St. Govan's Head
LimboVS 4c *Lead O/S 25/Apr/10Stennis Head
Front LineHVS 5a **Lead O/S 24/Apr/10St. Govan's Head
Army DreamersHVS 5a **Lead O/S 24/Apr/10St. Govan's Head
Get That Man7a+ ***Lead RP 11/Apr/10Cheddar Gorge South
StuntsmanE2 5b *Lead O/SMark Davies04/Aug/08Stuntsman's Buttress
Loose Cannon7a **Lead RPTim Nicholson27/Jul/08Blacknor South
Whose Line Is It Anyway?7a *Lead O/SMark Davies15/Jun/08Cheddar Gorge North
Arcadia5a Lead O/SMark Davies15/Jun/08Cheddar Gorge North
The Heavy Brigade6b Lead O/SMark Davies15/Jun/08Cheddar Gorge North
The Only Fear Is a Flat Planet6a+ *Lead O/SMark Davies15/Jun/08Cheddar Gorge North
Turned to Stone6c+ ***Lead O/STim Nicholson09/Jun/08Blacknor South
Bum Droplets6b+ **Lead O/STim Nicholson09/Jun/08Blacknor South
Cut Throat Jake6b **Lead RPTim Nicholson08/Jun/08Blacknor South
Disaster AreaHVS 5a *Lead O/STom Ball14/May/08Goblin Combe
The Clockwork FingerflakeE1 5b Lead O/STom Ball14/May/08Goblin Combe
Technitis6c Lead RPTom Ball12/May/08Dinas Rock
Kabuto Mushi6a+ Lead RPTim Nicholson03/May/08The Gap
So Uncool6c **Lead RPTim Nicholson03/May/08The Gap
Bitter Battle TearsHVS 5a ***Lead O/SMark Davies26/Apr/08Shorn Cliff
Stuck on YouE1 5b *Lead O/SMark Davies26/Apr/08Shorn Cliff
Diamond Dog6b *Lead O/SMark Davies12/Apr/08Tirpentwys
The Chimney Finish6a *Lead O/SMark Davies12/Apr/08Tirpentwys
Ledge and Braces5a Lead O/SMark Davies12/Apr/08Tirpentwys
Panzer IIHVS 5a Lead O/SDave Reaney17/Feb/08St. Govan's Head
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