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Logbook for Sandrex

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Selene5a ***Lead O/SPaul Wright17/May/14Sea Breeze
Hellas4c **Lead O/SPaul Wright17/May/14Sea Breeze
Ate5a *Lead O/SPaul Wright17/May/14Sea Breeze
Piranha5c **Lead O/SPaul Wright17/May/14Sea Breeze
Piranha Extension6a ***Lead dnfPaul Wright17/May/14Sea Breeze
Chirippi5c **Lead O/SPaul Wright16/May/14Gerakios
Epidixias5c ***Lead O/SPaul Wright16/May/14Gerakios
Cumulo sinus6b **Lead O/SPaul Wright16/May/14Gerakios
O Claire de l'anus6a+ **Lead O/SPaul Wright16/May/14Gerakios
Les Copins d'abord6a ***Lead O/SPaul Wright16/May/14Gerakios
3eme Age5c ***Lead O/SPaul Wright15/May/14Gerakios
Ginette5c ***Lead O/SPaul Wright15/May/14Gerakios
Pornogeros6b **Lead O/SPaul Wright15/May/14Gerakios
19956a+ **Lead O/SPaul Wright15/May/14Gerakios
Prosciutto & Champagne6a **Lead O/SPaul Wright15/May/14Gerakios
Paola6a+ 2ndPaul Wright14/May/14Palionisos Red Wall
Meister Proper6a+ Lead O/SPaul Wright14/May/14Palionisos Red Wall
National Day5c ***Lead O/SPaul Wright13/May/14Sea Breeze
Riko6a **Lead O/SPaul Wright13/May/14Sea Breeze
Psarokatastasi6a **Lead O/SPaul Wright13/May/14Sea Breeze
Utopia6a **Lead O/SPaul Wright13/May/14Sea Breeze
Hot Roc5c ***Lead O/SPaul Wright12/May/14Pescatore
Karabolas6a **Lead O/SPaul Wright12/May/14Pescatore
Rita6a ***Lead O/SPaul Wright12/May/14Pescatore
Anna6a+ ***Lead O/SPaul Wright11/May/14Dodoni
Apple6a+ ***Lead O/SPaul Wright11/May/14Dodoni
Mocha5a *Lead O/SPaul Wright11/May/14Dodoni
Game Boys5a *Lead O/SPaul Wright11/May/14Dodoni
Glaros4c **Lead O/SPaul Wright10/May/14Sea Breeze
Drosia5a **Lead O/SPaul Wright10/May/14Sea Breeze
Karlomanos5a **Lead O/SPaul Wright10/May/14Sea Breeze
Chero poli5c **Lead O/SPaul Wright10/May/14Sea Breeze
Noah's Arche5c **Lead O/SPaul Wright10/May/14Sea Breeze
Ammos5a *Lead O/S 09/May/14Summertime
String5c *Lead O/S 09/May/14Summertime
Bikini6a *Lead O/S 09/May/14Summertime
Ammohostos Vasilevousa6a ***Lead O/S 09/May/14Summertime
Kavouras6a+ **Lead O/SPaul Wright09/May/14Dolphin Bay
Riglos6a *Lead O/SPaul Wright09/May/14Dolphin Bay
Roussos5c **Lead O/SPaul Wright09/May/14Dolphin Bay
Try Me5c **Lead O/SPaul Wright09/May/14Dolphin Bay
Flipper5c *Lead O/SPaul Wright09/May/14Dolphin Bay
Palamida5c **Lead O/SPaul Wright09/May/14Dolphin Bay
Koutsoumoura5c **Lead O/SPaul Wright09/May/14Dolphin Bay
Dimitra6a+ **Lead O/SPaul Wright09/May/14Dolphin Bay
Tsipoura5c **Lead O/SPaul Wright08/May/14Dolphin Bay
Siga Siga6a **Lead O/SPaul Wright08/May/14Dolphin Bay
Lena6a+ **Lead O/SPaul Wright08/May/14Dolphin Bay
Trokrakhan6a **Lead O/SPaul Wright08/May/14Dolphin Bay
Wisteria Lane5c *Lead O/SPaul Wright08/May/14Dolphin Bay
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