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NameStyleDate Crag name
Jack In The BoxSolo rpt16/Nov/09Beacon Hill
Thin CrackSent x21/Sep/09Stable Pit (Bradgate Park...
BicepsSent x21/Sep/09Stable Pit (Bradgate Park...
Deceptive CrackSent x21/Sep/09Stable Pit (Bradgate Park...
Thin Ragged Crack Slanting LeftSent O/S21/Sep/09Stable Pit (Bradgate Park...
Fern AreteSent x21/Sep/09Stable Pit (Bradgate Park...
The BulgeSent x21/Sep/09Stable Pit (Bradgate Park...
JomoLead O/S12/May/09Trowbarrow
Birch CrackLead O/S08/Apr/09Rivelin Edge
Temple CrackLead O/S08/Apr/09Rivelin Edge
Observatory Ridge (Summer)AltLd O/S08/Aug/08Ben Nevis
Sickle ButtressLead rpt06/Aug/08Froggatt Edge
Grey SlabLead O/S06/Aug/08Froggatt Edge
Heather WallSolo rpt06/Aug/08Froggatt Edge
Route 2Lead dog06/Aug/08Burbage North
Slab RecessSolo rpt06/Aug/08Froggatt Edge
Side FaceLead O/S06/Aug/08Burbage North
Tiny Slab - Left AreteSent x06/Aug/08Burbage North
Hard ShoulderLead O/S18/Jul/08Markfield Quarry
Fast HomeSolo O/S18/Jul/08Markfield Quarry
No OvertakingSolo O/S18/Jul/08Markfield Quarry
ForkSolo RP18/Jul/08Markfield Quarry
weak walkLead O/S14/Jul/08Markfield Quarry
ThornSolo O/S14/Jul/08Markfield Quarry
Cake WalkSolo O/S14/Jul/08Markfield Quarry
Titch and KwackerLead O/S29/Jun/08Markfield Quarry
Outside WallSolo RP20/Jun/08Beacon Hill
Ten Pin WallLead O/S14/Jun/08Beacon Hill
Collywobble CrackLead dog14/Jun/08Beacon Hill
Collywobble CrackLead RP14/Jun/08Beacon Hill
StarlightLead O/S14/Jun/08Beacon Hill
BowlineSolo RP05/Jun/08Beacon Hill
BowSolo O/S05/Jun/08Beacon Hill
Jack In The BoxSolo RP05/Jun/08Beacon Hill
Easy CornerSolo O/S05/Jun/08Stable Pit (Bradgate Park...
The AreteSolo RP05/Jun/08Stable Pit (Bradgate Park...
Crack And AreteSolo RP05/Jun/08Stable Pit (Bradgate Park...
Forest slabsSolo O/S24/May/08Beacon Hill
Forest WallSolo O/S24/May/08Beacon Hill
The GullySolo O/S24/May/08Beacon Hill
Babbies BottomSolo rpt04/Nov/07Markfield Quarry
ClearwaySolo O/S04/Nov/07Markfield Quarry
Nick's WaySolo O/S04/Nov/07Markfield Quarry
Grey SlabSolo RP04/Nov/07Markfield Quarry
Left AreteLead O/S04/Nov/07Markfield Quarry
Gorse SlabSolo O/S21/Oct/07Markfield Quarry
Left EdgeSolo O/S21/Oct/07Markfield Quarry
Black SlabSolo O/S21/Oct/07Markfield Quarry
Babbies BottomSolo O/S21/Oct/07Markfield Quarry
Bramble EdgeSolo O/S21/Oct/07Markfield Quarry