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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Sping Nol4c *Lead19/Aug/12Cheyne Wears Area
The Alpha and The Omega3+ *Lead11/Aug/12Cheyne Wears Area
T-Muffhundred5a Lead11/Aug/12Cheyne Wears Area
Make Cookies Not War4a Lead09/Aug/12Cheyne Wears Area
The Cookie Monster3 Lead09/Aug/12Cheyne Wears Area
Doris Does Dungecroft3 Lead09/Aug/12Cheyne Wears Area
Dirty Bertie4c Lead09/Aug/12Cheyne Wears Area
Ah5a Lead08/Aug/10Pontarlier
Feerika4a Lead08/Aug/10Pontarlier
Kesique5b Lead08/Aug/10Pontarlier
Trafic3+ Lead08/Aug/10Pontarlier
Ces26a Lead04/Aug/10Pontarlier
4c Lead04/Aug/10Pontarlier
Rhys Gets Another Monkey Bite5a -04/Apr/10Cheyne Wears Area
Robin Crack5c 2nd04/Apr/10Cheyne Wears Area
Knight's ClimbD Lead12/Dec/09Cheddar Gorge South
JillS 4a Lead12/Dec/09Cheddar Gorge South
Voices in the Bower3 Lead17/Oct/09The Cuttings
Winter Sun6a Lead17/Oct/09The Cuttings
Time Out of Mind5a Lead17/Oct/09The Cuttings
Whispering Gallery3 Lead26/Sep/09The Cuttings
The Bumper Fun Book4a Lead26/Sep/09The Cuttings
Tinkerbell5c *Lead26/Sep/09The Cuttings
Far From The Madding Crowd5a Lead26/Sep/09The Cuttings
Godbeams4a Lead26/Sep/09The Cuttings
Ladybower3 Lead26/Sep/09The Cuttings
Tourist Distraction5a Lead19/Sep/09Cheddar Gorge South
Reunion at Nightfall5a Lead19/Sep/09Cheddar Gorge South
I Got One!5c Lead19/Sep/09Cheddar Gorge North
Arcadia5a Lead19/Sep/09Cheddar Gorge North
Busking for bolts4c Lead19/Sep/09Cheddar Gorge North
First UpS 4a Lead26/Jul/09Fairy Cave Quarry
Strictly BallroomE1 5b *TR15/Mar/09Fairy Cave Quarry
Minute WaltzVD Lead15/Mar/09Fairy Cave Quarry
Rob's CrackVS 4c ***Lead25/Oct/08Fairy Cave Quarry
Mr Ripple6a *TR13/Sep/08Cheddar Gorge North
Three Pounds Per Tonne4a Lead13/Sep/08Cheddar Gorge North
Like Father Like Son5a *Lead13/Sep/08Cheddar Gorge North
Lapse In Taste5c Lead13/Sep/08Cheddar Gorge North
Stepped WallVD Lead30/Aug/08Cheddar Gorge North
Hug the Jug5a Lead30/Aug/08Cheddar Gorge North
Don't Fear the Bleater5c Lead30/Aug/08Cheddar Gorge North
Hogswatch HangoverVD Solo23/Aug/08Westdown Quarry
Uberwald ExpressVD Solo23/Aug/08Westdown Quarry
The Fifth ElephantVD Solo23/Aug/08Westdown Quarry
Start Men at ArmsD Solo23/Aug/08Westdown Quarry
Guards! Guards!D Solo23/Aug/08Westdown Quarry
Feet of ClayD Solo23/Aug/08Westdown Quarry
SourceryHS Solo23/Aug/08Westdown Quarry
PeanutsHVS 5a Lead28/Jun/08Fairy Cave Quarry