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NameStyleDate Crag name
PocketsSent x10/Nov/13The Cuttings
Jam EaterSent β10/Nov/13The Cuttings
Ladies NightSent x10/Nov/13The Cuttings
Black AiragSent β10/Nov/13The Cuttings
Hung Out to DrySent β13/Oct/13The Cuttings
SundanceSent β13/Oct/13The Cuttings
Super NovaSent β13/Oct/13The Cuttings
Sun SpotSent β13/Oct/13The Cuttings
Wolf NumberSent β13/Oct/13The Cuttings
Years Around the SunSent x13/Oct/13The Cuttings
Super Petty ThiefSent x13/Oct/13The Cuttings
Super Lip ServiceSent x13/Oct/13The Cuttings
Lip Service - Lip StartSent x15/Sep/13The Cuttings
Super Split LipSent x15/Sep/13The Cuttings
Pop StartSent β30/Aug/13The Cuttings
Split Lip - Lip StartSent x30/Aug/13The Cuttings
Cavity Search - Lip StartSent x30/Aug/13The Cuttings
Lip traverse - sit startSent x30/Aug/13The Cuttings
New boulderfield problem3Sent x18/Aug/13The Cuttings
Stress FractureSent x18/Aug/13The Cuttings
Grizzly StyleSent x18/Aug/13The Cuttings
Daylight RobberyLead O/S07/Jul/13Dancing Ledge
Don's Long GoneLead RP07/Jul/13Hedbury
Lick the BowlSent x29/Jun/13Huntsham Crags
Bowl RimSent β29/Jun/13Huntsham Crags
Rift CrackSent x29/Jun/13Huntsham Crags
Rift Wall TraverseSent x29/Jun/13Huntsham Crags
Pebbles RevengeSent x29/Jun/13Huntsham Crags
Golden Bicep (standing start)Sent x29/Jun/13Huntsham Crags
Golden Bicep (sit start)Sent x29/Jun/13Huntsham Crags
Pudding BasinSent x29/Jun/13Huntsham Crags
Doss Roof RightSent x29/Jun/13Huntsham Crags
Alex's RoofSent x28/Jun/13Huntsham Crags
The EdgesSent β28/Jun/13Huntsham Crags
Darkside TraverseSent x28/Jun/13Huntsham Crags
Left Arete (S/S)Sent x28/Jun/13Huntsham Crags
RocketSent β28/Jun/13Huntsham Crags
P100b (Javu) Jugs sit startSent x18/Jun/13Hound Tor
5c WallSent β18/Jun/13Hound Tor
P65 (Javu) ProwSent x18/Jun/13Hound Tor
ProwedSent x15/Jun/13Hound Tor
Shark's FinSent β15/Jun/13Hound Tor
Little Prow (boulder problem)Sent β15/Jun/13Hound Tor
Mylene's Lesbian FantasySent x09/Jun/13Sally-in-the-woods
The Lip Traverse R-LSent x09/Jun/13Sally-in-the-woods
Seven Year's SolitaryLead RP05/Jun/13Dancing Ledge
Mexican WaveLead RP05/Jun/13Dancing Ledge
Log Cutter's LullabySent x26/May/13Sally-in-the-woods
Nose sit startSent x19/May/13Ring Road Boulder
ParadiseSent x19/May/13Ring Road Boulder
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