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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
VitaliteV6 **Sent01/Oct/15Pex Hill Quarry
Cheshire Catf6A Sent09/Sep/15Harmer's Wood
The Mudlarkf7A+ **Sent09/Sep/15Harmer's Wood
Harmer's Aretef5+ Sent09/Sep/15Harmer's Wood
The Otter's PocketsV4 6b Sent09/Sep/15Harmer's Wood
ClarityV4 *Sent09/Sep/15Harmer's Wood
English HeritageV4 6b Sent09/Sep/15Harmer's Wood
Consenting Adults7a **Lead05/Sep/15Malham Cove
Bolt Revolt7a *Lead05/Sep/15Malham Cove
Serious Young Toads7c **Lead05/Sep/15Malham Cove
Queen of Heartsf6C Sent26/Aug/15Harmer's Wood
High Heavenf6C+ Sent26/Aug/15Harmer's Wood
The Scoop DirectV3 *Sent26/Aug/15Harmer's Wood
Bexf6A Sent26/Aug/15Harmer's Wood
Dormouse Arete Leftf5+ Sent26/Aug/15Harmer's Wood
Leppert's LeapV4 6b *Sent26/Aug/15Harmer's Wood
Grump SlapV4 *Sent08/Aug/15Porth Ysgo
Area 2 Problem 2V0 *Sent08/Aug/15Porth Ysgo
Fantastic DayV3 Sent08/Aug/15Porth Ysgo
The Ysgo FlangeV2 **Sent08/Aug/15Porth Ysgo
Higginson's ScarV4 6a ***Sent08/Aug/15Porth Ysgo
Echoes7a+ *Lead O/S06/Aug/15Pantymwyn (Devil's Gorge)
Alien Forces6c+ Lead O/S15/Jul/15Lighthouse Crags
Opus Pistorum7b **Lead O/S15/Jul/15Lighthouse Crags
Strans Gill2 ***Solo12/Jul/15Strans gill
Begozi and the Ledge Lizards6a+ Lead11/Jul/15Malham Cove
The RipperV5 6b Sent x07/Jul/15Frodsham
G.B.H.8a+ ***Lead RP27/Jun/15Malham Cove
Propellerheadf7A ***Sent23/Jun/15Discreet Block
Bananas and Coffee7a+ **Lead O/S16/Jun/15Pantymwyn (Devil's Gorge)
Grand Canyon7b+ ***Lead RP16/Jun/15Pantymwyn (Devil's Gorge)
Life's a Beach7b Lead β14/Jun/15Lower Pen Trwyn
Mike's RouteV7 (6c) *Sent13/Jun/15Frodsham
Fat Boys7a+ **Lead O/S10/Jun/15Dinbren Crags
Trailer Trash6b **Lead O/S10/Jun/15Dinbren Crags
Nameless6c+ Lead O/S29/May/15Lower Pen Trwyn
The Refrain7a+ **Lead O/S29/May/15Lower Pen Trwyn
Pick Pocket's Wallf6A+ *Sent26/May/15Widdop
Pick Pocket's Crackf6A+ *Sent26/May/15Widdop
Four Squaref6A+ **Sent26/May/15Widdop
Runnel for your Lifef5+ Sent26/May/15Widdop
System 7f6B+ Sent26/May/15Widdop
Pool Traversef6B+ *Sent26/May/15Widdop
Flake Charmerf7A Sent26/May/15Widdop
Splashdownf6B **Sent26/May/15Widdop
Predator8b ***Lead RP16/May/15Malham Cove
Flowers are for the Dead7c **Lead RP13/May/15Dinbren Crags
The Electric Cool-aid Acid Test7b+ ***Lead RP10/May/15Pen Trwyn
K95a Lead04/May/15Trevor Rocks Area
Margin of Error6c **Lead04/May/15Trevor Rocks Area