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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Crunchy FrogHVS 5a **2nd O/S17/Aug/15Shepherds Crag
The BludgeonE1 5b ***AltLd dog16/Aug/15Shepherds Crag
Creeping JesusHVS 5a **2nd O/S16/Aug/15Shepherds Crag
Hadrian's ButtressHS ***2nd rpt03/Aug/15Crag Lough
DexterityS **2nd O/S03/Aug/15Crag Lough
The ElevatorHVS 5a **2nd rpt05/Jul/15Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
TacitationVS 5a ***Lead rpt05/Jul/15Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Wilfred PricklesVS 5a **2nd rpt05/Jul/15Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
MoS 4a Solo05/Jul/15Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
MinyS 4a Solo05/Jul/15Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Sunset DirectVS 5a *Lead O/S30/Jun/15Peel crag
Albert's WallE1 5a *2nd O/S30/Jun/15Peel crag
Twin CracksVS 5a *2nd O/S30/Jun/15Peel crag
MendesVS 4c **AltLd O/S27/Jun/15Raven Crag (Langdale)
RevelationHS ***AltLd O/S27/Jun/15Raven Crag (Langdale)
PlutoHVS 5a **AltLd dog27/Jun/15Raven Crag (Langdale)
Ardverikie WallHS 4b ***AltLd O/S02/May/15Binnein Shuas crag
Capstone DirectE1 5c *Lead rpt23/Apr/15East Woodburn
Woodburn WallE1 5b **2nd rpt23/Apr/15East Woodburn
Ridsdale WallE1 5b **Lead rpt23/Apr/15East Woodburn
Capstone WallE1 5b *2nd rpt23/Apr/15East Woodburn
Rake's CrackE1 5b **Lead rpt21/Apr/15Great Wanney
Great WallHVS 5b ***2nd rpt21/Apr/15Great Wanney
Idiots DelightHS 4c ***2nd rpt21/Apr/15Great Wanney
Gangway ClimbVD **Lead O/S18/Apr/15Castle Rock of Triermain
Slab ClimbS 4a **Lead O/S18/Apr/15Castle Rock of Triermain
Yew Tree ClimbVD Lead O/S18/Apr/15Castle Rock of Triermain
SunsetMS ***Lead rpt16/Apr/15Peel crag
Chockstone ChimneyD *Lead O/S16/Apr/15Peel crag
Sunshine SupermanHVS 5a ***2nd rpt09/Apr/15Corby's Crag
OverunderHS 4b Lead rpt09/Apr/15Corby's Crag
TemptationHVS 5a *2nd rpt09/Apr/15Corby's Crag
Tiger FeetE1 5a **2nd rpt09/Apr/15Corby's Crag
Klondyke WallE2 5c **2nd rpt06/Apr/15Bowden Doors
Castle CrackVD ***2nd rpt06/Apr/15Bowden Doors
Russet GrooveVD ***2nd rpt06/Apr/15Bowden Doors
Stretcher WallE1 5c *2nd06/Apr/15Bowden Doors
The ScoopVS ***Lead rpt06/Apr/15Bowden Doors
MandrakeHVS 5a ***AltLd O/S21/Mar/15Quayfoot Buttress
IronyHVS 5a **AltLd O/S21/Mar/15Quayfoot Buttress
Cam Crag RidgeM ***Solo O/S14/Mar/15Cam Crags
MinyS 4a 2nd rpt08/Feb/15Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Wilfred PricklesVS 5a **2nd dog08/Feb/15Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Flake CrackS 4b ***Lead rpt08/Feb/15Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Little ChamonixVD ***Lead rpt15/Nov/14Shepherds Crag
MoS 4a Lead rpt01/Nov/14Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
MinyS 4a 2nd rpt01/Nov/14Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Deception WallHS 4c *Lead O/S01/Nov/14Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
TacitationVS 5a ***Lead rpt01/Nov/14Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
MinyS 4a Lead rpt01/Nov/14Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)