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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Alligator Crawl (aka Alligator Smiles)6a+ *Lead O/S25/May/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
What a Pity6b Lead dog25/May/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Taste the Grit6b+ *Lead RP25/May/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Just This Side of 307a *TR25/May/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Posing till the End5a *Lead25/May/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
I am a Poser and I Don't Care5c *Lead25/May/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Garth was 'ere6a Lead25/May/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Bachelor's ButtressHVS 4c **Lead23/May/15Roaches Upper Tier
AquaVS 4b Lead23/May/15Roaches Upper Tier
Black VelvetHVD 4a ***Lead23/May/15Roaches Upper Tier
Flying MachineVD 2nd20/May/15Symonds Yat
Golden FleeceHS 4b **Lead20/May/15Symonds Yat
ExchangeVS 4b *Lead20/May/15Symonds Yat
Do you get Vouchers with This?5c Lead18/Jan/15Brean Down
Bikini Atoll6c+ Lead18/Jan/15Brean Down
Still Nice and Sleazy6a+ **Lead11/Jan/15Wintour's Leap
Golden Bicep (standing start)f6B+ Sent x20/Dec/14Huntsham Crags
The FlakesE1 5c Solo O/S20/Dec/14Huntsham Crags
Captain BirdseyeVS 4c 2nd06/Dec/14Birchen Edge
Camperdown CrawlHS 4c ***Lead06/Dec/14Birchen Edge
Orpheus WallHVS 5c **Lead dog06/Dec/14Birchen Edge
Kiss Me HardyS *2nd06/Dec/14Birchen Edge
Bob's Traversef6B+ Sent x12/Oct/14Doolin Boulders
Siderf3 Sent x14/Sep/14Doolin Boulders
Stickerf5 Sent x14/Sep/14Doolin Boulders
Right Edgef5 Sent x14/Sep/14Doolin Boulders
Big Footf6A+ Sent x14/Sep/14Doolin Boulders
Culturef5 Sent x07/Sep/14Doolin Boulders
Warmerf4 Sent x07/Sep/14Doolin Boulders
Doolin Bayf4 Sent x07/Sep/14Doolin Boulders
Stormedf4 Sent x07/Sep/14Doolin Boulders
Kinga's Problem (Straight)f4+ Sent x07/Sep/14Doolin Boulders
BBQf5 Sent x07/Sep/14Doolin Boulders
Kinga's Problemf5+ Sent x07/Sep/14Doolin Boulders
Easyf3 Sent x07/Sep/14Doolin Boulders
Warm-upf4+ Sent x07/Sep/14Doolin Boulders
Kickf6A Sent x07/Sep/14Doolin Boulders
Bonnain BuiVS 4c **Lead13/Jul/14Ailladie (Burren, Co. Clare)
SpitfireE1 5b Lead RP13/Jul/14Ailladie (Burren, Co. Clare)
Ground ControlVS 4c **Lead13/Jul/14Ailladie (Burren, Co. Clare)
Sickle Buttress DirectVS 4c *2nd19/Jan/14Froggatt Edge
Chequers CrackHVS 5c ***Lead19/Jan/14Froggatt Edge
Trivial Pursuit (Blunt Arete)VS 4c Lead22/Sep/13Stanage Popular
EliminatorHVS 5b **2nd22/Sep/13Stanage Popular
QueersvilleHVS 5a ***2nd22/Sep/13Stanage Popular
Rusty CrackHVS 5c *Lead dog22/Sep/13Stanage Popular
Rugosity CrackHVS 5b **Lead22/Sep/13Stanage Popular
Mantelpiece Buttress DirectHVS 5b *Lead22/Sep/13Stanage Popular
Pwll Du Crack5c Lead14/Sep/13Crag X Gilwern Hill
Go with the flow6a Lead14/Sep/13Crag X Gilwern Hill