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NameStyleDate Crag name
PeanutsLead β08/Apr/15Scratchmere Scar
Charlie BrownLead O/S08/Apr/15Scratchmere Scar
On the ReboundSent x04/Apr/15The Bowderstone
Inaudible VaudevilleSent x04/Apr/15The Bowderstone
EscutcheonSent x25/Mar/15Torridon Celtic Jumble
The Sorcerer (full route)Solo RP28/Feb/15Back Bowden Doors
The SorcererSent x28/Feb/15Back Bowden Doors
BubblesSent x28/Feb/15Back Bowden Doors
Lost CauseLead β27/Feb/15Back Bowden Doors
Charlotte's Dream DirectLead RP27/Feb/15Back Bowden Doors
Thundering ApoplexySent x27/Feb/15Back Bowden Doors
Spring Chicken None EliminateSent x14/Feb/15The Bowderstone
On the ReboundSent x14/Feb/15The Bowderstone
Kilnsey Main OverhangAltLd O/S01/Feb/15Kilnsey
StatstickSent x27/Jan/15The Bowderstone
The Wasdale CrackLead O/S30/Nov/14The Napes
Ears of PerceptionSent x02/Nov/14The Bowderstone
Power PinchSent x18/Oct/14The Bowderstone
The RampSent x18/Oct/14The Bowderstone
EliminatorLead O/S05/Oct/14Stanage Popular
Congo CornerLead O/S05/Oct/14Stanage Popular
The TipplerLead O/S05/Oct/14Stanage Popular
Black Hawk BastionLead O/S05/Oct/14Stanage Popular
Christmas CrackLead O/S05/Oct/14Stanage Popular
The FileLead O/S04/Oct/14Higgar Tor
The RaspLead O/S04/Oct/14Higgar Tor
The PinionSolo O/S13/Sep/14Stanage North
The ArielSolo O/S13/Sep/14Stanage North
The Green StreakSolo O/S13/Sep/14Stanage North
IncursionSolo rpt13/Sep/14Stanage North
Prospero's ClimbSolo O/S13/Sep/14Stanage North
The Crab CrawlSolo O/S13/Sep/14Stanage North
Crab Crawl AreteSolo O/S13/Sep/14Stanage North
AvrilSolo O/S13/Sep/14Stanage North
Doctor's ChimneySolo rpt13/Sep/14Stanage North
Cripple's CrackSolo O/S13/Sep/14Stanage North
Arrow CrackSolo O/S13/Sep/14Stanage North
Marble Tower FlakeSolo rpt13/Sep/14Stanage North
Marble AreteSolo rpt13/Sep/14Stanage North
First SisterSolo O/S13/Sep/14Stanage North
Kelly's CrackSolo rpt13/Sep/14Stanage North
Kelly's EliminateSolo rpt13/Sep/14Stanage North
October CrackSolo rpt13/Sep/14Stanage North
October SlabSolo rpt13/Sep/14Stanage North
Bent CrackSolo O/S13/Sep/14Stanage North
SeranataSolo O/S13/Sep/14Stanage North
TravestiesSolo O/S13/Sep/14Stanage North
The KnutterSolo O/S13/Sep/14Stanage North
Overhanging ChimneySolo O/S13/Sep/14Stanage North
TyphoonSolo O/S13/Sep/14Stanage North