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NameStyleDate Crag name
La fissureLead O/S10/Jun/07La Draye Ailefroide
La Dalle2nd10/Jun/07La Draye Ailefroide
Zombie FuteTR O/S10/Jun/07Les Petites Dalles Ailefroide
Super MinosTR O/S10/Jun/07Les Petites Dalles Ailefroide
Le Benet VoleLead O/S09/Jun/07Secteurs De La Fissure...
La Rape2nd O/S09/Jun/07Secteurs De La Fissure...
Le Toboggan2nd O/S09/Jun/07Secteurs De La Fissure...
La SpartiateLead O/S09/Jun/07Secteurs De La Fissure...
La SandaleLead O/S09/Jun/07Secteurs De La Fissure...
Jardinage a tous les etages2nd09/Jun/07Secteur La Gorge (Ailefroide)
OrionLead O/S09/Jun/07Les Etoiles
SiriusTR09/Jun/07Les Etoiles
SiriusTR09/Jun/07Les Etoiles
Rob's Crack2nd O/S18/Feb/07Fairy Cave Quarry
Back OffTR O/S18/Feb/07Fairy Cave Quarry
Mario moreno IILead O/S09/Jan/07S'estret
Mario morenoLead O/S09/Jan/07S'estret
El bandido de un brazo2nd O/S09/Jan/07S'estret
Pasión interminableLead O/S09/Jan/07S'estret
CentralTR O/S08/Jan/07Les Perxes
Pocket2nd O/S08/Jan/07Les Perxes
Mantis2nd dog08/Jan/07Les Perxes
Lucas2nd O/S08/Jan/07Les Perxes
La ley del deseoAltLd O/S07/Jan/07Sa Gubia
IzquierdoTR O/S05/Jan/07Valldemossa
CentroTR O/S05/Jan/07Valldemossa
DerechoTR O/S05/Jan/07Valldemossa
IntrépidoTR dog05/Jan/07Valldemossa
Suphi2nd dog05/Jan/07Valldemossa
ParamueroLead O/S04/Jan/07Cala Magraner
Jardiners sense fronteresLead O/S04/Jan/07Cala Magraner
The Juggy One2nd O/S04/Jan/07Cala Magraner
Nautilus2nd O/S04/Jan/07Cala Magraner
Captain Nemo2nd O/S04/Jan/07Cala Magraner
Cannabis Left-handLead O/S03/Jan/07Sa Gubia
Tantum ergoLead O/S03/Jan/07Sa Gubia
Tantum ergoLead O/S03/Jan/07Sa Gubia
El jardín de la abuela2nd O/S03/Jan/07Sa Gubia
Na guarra2nd dog03/Jan/07Sa Gubia
Coordina coordinator2nd O/S02/Jan/07La Creveta
Curset2nd O/S02/Jan/07La Creveta
Récords de Bunyola2nd O/S02/Jan/07La Creveta
Ideal WorldTR dog29/Oct/06Dancing Ledge
Date with a FrogTR dog29/Oct/06Dancing Ledge
BenLead O/S28/Oct/06Cheyne Wears Area
StarbuckLead dog28/Oct/06Cheyne Wears Area
The Truth is Out ThereTR O/S28/Oct/06Cheyne Wears Area
PulpitLead O/S01/Oct/06Hound Tor
Pinch an InchLead dog17/Sep/06Battleship Main
Wiggi and Mopoke's Excellent New Hilti2nd O/S17/Sep/06Battleship Back Cliff
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