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NameStyleDate Crag name
Pete's RouteSent x11/Jan/15Nesscliffe
The GrasperSent O/S12/Oct/14Roaches Lower Tier
Left SlabSent O/S12/Oct/14Roaches Lower Tier
Slab 2Sent O/S12/Oct/14Roaches Lower Tier
Blister's SisterSent O/S12/Oct/14Roaches Lower Tier
Blister SlabSent O/S12/Oct/14Roaches Lower Tier
Back Slab RightSent O/S12/Oct/14Roaches Lower Tier
Easy AreteSent O/S12/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
PancakeSent O/S12/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
K2Sent O/S12/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
K3Sent O/S12/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
Notch SlabSent O/S12/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
2KSent O/S12/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
The Staffordshire FlyerSent x12/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
Slope Traverse SDSSent x23/Jun/14Waun Y Llyn Country Park
Slope Traverse aka Dave's Traverse/BBQ LipSent x18/Jun/14Waun Y Llyn Country Park
Gap of RohanSent β30/May/14Rhiw Goch Boulders
P7Sent O/S30/May/14RAC boulders
Headbanger (stand up)Sent β03/May/14St. Bees Head
Apiary AreteSent β03/May/14St. Bees Head
Problem 9 (Rockfax)Sent β03/May/14St. Bees Head
Problem 10 (Rockfax)Sent β03/May/14St. Bees Head
Problem 13 (Rockfax)Sent β03/May/14St. Bees Head
Phat Arete / Problem 20 (Rockfax)Sent β03/May/14St. Bees Head
Phat Ramp / Problem 21 (Rockfax)Sent β03/May/14St. Bees Head
Problem 22 (Rockfax)Sent β03/May/14St. Bees Head
Problem 30 (Rockfax)Sent β03/May/14St. Bees Head
Problem 33 (Rockfax)Sent β03/May/14St. Bees Head
Problem 34 (Rockfax)Sent β03/May/14St. Bees Head
Problem 37 (Rockfax)Sent β03/May/14St. Bees Head
Problem 38 (Rockfax)Sent β03/May/14St. Bees Head
Problem 39 (Rockfax)Sent β03/May/14St. Bees Head
Problem 39 P38 in NWB guideSent O/S24/Apr/14Cromlech boulders
Roadside Problem 44Sent O/S24/Apr/14Cromlech boulders
Roadside Problem 45Sent O/S24/Apr/14Cromlech boulders
Mini ArÍteSent O/S21/Apr/14Curbar Edge
Mini CrackSent O/S21/Apr/14Curbar Edge
Mini ProwSent O/S21/Apr/14Curbar Edge
Little ArÍteSent O/S21/Apr/14Gardoms Edge
Ledge CrackSent O/S19/Apr/14Gardoms Edge
West WallSent O/S19/Apr/14Gardoms Edge
Left Triplet ArÍteSent O/S19/Apr/14Gardoms Edge
Left Triplet SlabSent O/S19/Apr/14Gardoms Edge
Catch 'n' MatchSent β18/Apr/14Burbage South Valley Boulders
Sloping MantelSent β18/Apr/14Burbage South Valley Boulders
Side-pull WallSent β18/Apr/14Burbage South Valley Boulders
Big FlakesSent β18/Apr/14Burbage South Valley Boulders
Alice's AreteSent O/S13/Apr/14Harmer's Wood
Letter Box WallSent O/S13/Apr/14Harmer's Wood
Jam TomorrowSent β13/Apr/14Harmer's Wood