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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Despicable Terrier7a *DWS G/U08/Sep/15Lulworth
Earth Shadowf6A ***Sent??/Aug/15Lighthouse Area
Date Nightf6C+ ***Sent??/Aug/15Lighthouse Area
Time Lapsef6B **Sent??/Aug/15Lighthouse Area
Willow's CrackV0 *Sent??/Aug/15Lighthouse Area
Angel DustV0 **Sent??/Aug/15Lighthouse Area
Batarangf6A *Sent??/Aug/15Lighthouse Area
Buffy's GrooveV0 **Sent??/Aug/15Lighthouse Area
BladeV3 **Sent??/Aug/15Lighthouse Area
Vampire killersV1 *Sent??/Aug/15Lighthouse Area
Silver BulletV0- *Sent??/Aug/15Lighthouse Area
Vert Rampf6B+ *Sent28/Jul/15White Hole
Raised Beatchf6A+ *Sent28/Jul/15White Hole
White Hole Slabf6A *Sent28/Jul/15White Hole
Portland Dirt Bedf4 Sent28/Jul/15White Hole
Cherty Freshwater Memberf6A *Sent28/Jul/15White Hole
White Hole Aretef5+ **Sent28/Jul/15White Hole
Horny Lil' Devil7a ***DWS rpt25/Jul/15Lulworth
The MaypoleHVS 5a **DWS rpt25/Jul/15Lulworth
Last Season's Loozas5a **DWS rpt25/Jul/15Lulworth
Captain Bastard Got There FirstE2 5c *DWS rpt25/Jul/15Lulworth
Persuasionf5 *Sent21/Jul/15Southwell Landslips
David Bellamyf6B **Sent21/Jul/15Southwell Landslips
Burning Like Fire, Stand-upf5 *Sent21/Jul/15Southwell Landslips
Wake Up the Funk, Stand-upf4+ *Sent21/Jul/15Southwell Landslips
Rough Slabf4+ *Sent21/Jul/15Southwell Landslips
Hidden Quarry Arete, Stand-upf5 Sent21/Jul/15Southwell Landslips
Crackf5+ *Sent21/Jul/15Southwell Landslips
Red Tail Rampage, Stand-upf6A *Sent21/Jul/15Southwell Landslips
The Red Crane Traverse5a **DWS rpt17/Jul/15Lighthouse Area
Temporary Lifestyle4c **DWS rpt17/Jul/15Cave Hole
The Big Easy6a+ **DWS rpt17/Jul/15Cave Hole
Big Easy ArÍte5a *DWS rpt17/Jul/15Cave Hole
The MaypoleHVS 5a **DWS rpt08/Jul/15Lulworth
Last Season's Loozas5a **DWS rpt08/Jul/15Lulworth
Captain Bastard Got There FirstE2 5c *DWS rpt08/Jul/15Lulworth
The Laws TraverseE1 6a **DWS rpt08/Jul/15Lulworth
Makin' Bacon6a *DWS rpt04/Jul/15Cave Hole
Desperado6b *DWS rpt04/Jul/15Cave Hole
Temporary Lifestyle4c **DWS rpt04/Jul/15Cave Hole
The Big Easy6a+ **DWS rpt04/Jul/15Cave Hole
Big Easy ArÍte5a *DWS rpt04/Jul/15Cave Hole
Ixtlan6a ***DWS rpt04/Jul/15Cave Hole
Intimate Dancing6a *DWS rpt04/Jul/15Cave Hole
Robertson's Jar6a *DWS rpt04/Jul/15Cave Hole
Spittle 'n' Spume6a **DWS rpt04/Jul/15Cave Hole
Smile Please6a+ *DWS rpt04/Jul/15Cave Hole
Hooked Like No Fish Before Me6b **DWS rpt04/Jul/15Cave Hole
The MaypoleHVS 5a **DWS rpt01/Jul/15Lulworth
The Laws TraverseE1 6a **DWS rpt27/Jun/15Lulworth