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Logbook for K1

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Big Bad Wolf5.9 **AltLdKevin Davey01/Oct/12Calico Basin, Red Springs
Over The Hill To Grandmother's House5.9 + LeadKevin Davey01/Oct/12Calico Basin, Red Springs
The Fox5.10d ***2ndKevin Davey01/Oct/12Calico Basin, Red Springs
Lil Red5.9 2ndKevin Davey01/Oct/12Calico Basin, Red Springs
Gin Ricky5.10c LeadKevin Davey29/Sep/12First Creek Canyon &...
Rob Roy5.10b **2ndKevin Davey29/Sep/12First Creek Canyon &...
Kindergarten Cop5.7 **2ndKevin Davey29/Sep/12First Creek Canyon &...
Duty FreeE1 5b *LeadKevin Davey23/Oct/11Dangle Dell
Brutal RetainerE3 6a ***LeadKevin Davey23/Oct/11Dangle Dell
The First Taste of the Lash Part IIHVS 5b **LeadAndy McCarter, Kevin Davey23/Oct/11Dangle Dell
Beaten To ItHVS 5a **2ndKevin Davey23/Oct/11Dangle Dell
On The WagonHVS 5b 2ndKevin Davey23/Oct/11Dangle Dell
PerihelionHVS 5a ***LeadKate Amy, Andy McCarter15/Oct/11The Rabbit's Head
Thoughts of IceHVS 5a **LeadKate Amy15/Oct/11The Rabbit's Head
MTV DirectE2 5b *LeadKate Amy15/Oct/11The Rabbit's Head
The BaronHS 4a 2ndKate Amy15/Oct/11The Rabbit's Head
Brave WeaselsE3 5c *TRKate Amy15/Oct/11The Rabbit's Head
HighlanderE1 5b **LeadKate Amy, Andy McCarter02/Oct/11La Prison
Peaceful PigeonHS 4c **2ndKate Amy, Andy McCarter02/Oct/11La Prison
A Fist Full of LagerVS 4c *2ndKate Amy, Andy McCarter02/Oct/11La Prison
Knee CapHVD ***2ndKate Amy, Andy McCarter02/Oct/11La Prison
Church Bowl Tree5.10b ***LeadPeter Buchholz, Andy McCarter14/Sep/11Church Bowl
Church Bowl Lieback5.8 2ndPeter Buchholz, Andy McCarter14/Sep/11Church Bowl
Serenity Crack5.10d ***AltLdPeter Buchholz, Andy McCarter14/Sep/11Royal Arches Area
Goodrich Pinnacle Right5.9 ***AltLdPeter Buchholz, Andy McCarter14/Sep/11Glacier Point Apron
Revival5.10a LeadPeter Buchholz, Andy McCarter14/Sep/11Church Bowl
Royal Arches5.7 ***AltLdAndy McCarter13/Sep/11Royal Arches Area
Moby Dick Centre5.10a ***LeadPeter Buchholz, Andy McCarter12/Sep/11El Capitan - Base Routes
Fear of a Black Planet5.10a **Lead rptAndy McCarter11/Sep/11Owens River Gorge
Ambassadors of Funk5.10b ***Lead rptAndy McCarter11/Sep/11Owens River Gorge
Welcome to the Gorge5.9 **Lead rptAndy McCarter11/Sep/11Owens River Gorge
Crowd Pleaser5.9 ***Lead rptAndy McCarter11/Sep/11Owens River Gorge
Humbly Mumbly Jumbly5.10b ***Lead rptAndy McCarter11/Sep/11Owens River Gorge
Babushka5.8 ***Lead rptAndy McCarter11/Sep/11Owens River Gorge
Central Pillar of Frenzy5.9 ***AltLdPeter Buchholz, Andy McCarter08/Sep/11Middle Cathedral Rock
Bishop's Terrace5.8 ***AltLdAndy McCarter07/Sep/11Church Bowl
Trial By Fire5.8 **LeadPeter Buchholz, Andy McCarter07/Sep/11Royal Arches Area
Super Slide5.9 AltLdPeter Buchholz, Andy McCarter07/Sep/11Royal Arches Area
Left Water Crack5.7 **AltLd O/SPeter Buchholz, Andy McCarter05/Sep/11Lembert Dome - West Face
Battle of the Bulge5.8 r **Lead O/SPeter Buchholz, Andy McCarter05/Sep/11Puppy Dome
South Crack5.8 ***AltLd O/SNoelle Ladd04/Sep/11Stately Pleasure Dome
Dike Route5.9 AltLd O/SNoelle Ladd, Andy McCarter04/Sep/11Pywiack Dome
Dream of Wild Turkeys5.10a ***AltLd O/SNoelle Ladd, Kevin Davey??/Oct/10Black Velvet Canyon
Sour Mash5.10a AltLd O/SKevin Davey??/Oct/10Black Velvet Canyon
Birdland5.7 ***AltLd O/SKevin Davey??/Oct/10 Pine Creek Canyon
Crimson Chrysalis5.8 ***AltLd O/SKevin Davey??/Oct/10Juniper Canyon
Straight Shooter5.9 Lead O/SKevin Davey??/Oct/10 Pine Creek Canyon
Dark Shadows5.8 ***AltLd O/SKevin Davey??/Oct/10 Pine Creek Canyon
Tunnel Vision5.7 AltLdKevin Davey??/Oct/10White Rock Springs
Northwest Passage5.9 ***Lead O/SKevin Davey??/Sep/10Big Rock
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