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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
The CongerE2 5c ***-???/2013Fishermans Ledge
FathomsE3 5b ***-???/2013Fishermans Ledge
Freeborn ManE4 6a ***-???/2013Fishermans Ledge
Crab Party6c ***-???/2013Cave Hole
Horny Lil' Devil7a ***-???/2013Lulworth
Rainbow Bridge7a+ ***-???/2013Berry Head (The Old Redoubt)
Arapiles, Oh Arapiles (DWS)7a+ ***-???/2013Long Quarry Point
Animal Magnetism7b **-???/2013Lulworth
Gates of Greyskull7b+ ***-???/2013Lulworth
Mark of the Beast7c ***-???/2013Lulworth
Punyetera7c+ ***Lead RP??/Nov/07Siurana - Village
Burning Arms7c *Lead RP29/Aug/07Lulworth
Electric Circus7b+ **Lead RP25/Aug/07Promenade
Hurbot the TurbotE4 6b *Solo O/S23/Aug/07Lulworth
Stagedivin'7a+ *Solo O/S23/Aug/07Lulworth
Seven Year's Solitary7a+ Lead RP19/Aug/07Dancing Ledge
Corona Envelope7b+ *Lead RP19/Aug/07Dancing Ledge
Total Seizure7c+ ***Lead RP11/Aug/07Promenade
Load it for Me7b **Lead RP08/Aug/07Promenade
Waves Become Wings7b+ ***Lead RP08/Aug/07Promenade
Liquid Steel7c **Lead RP08/Aug/07Promenade
Arapiles, Oh Arapiles (DWS)7a+ ***Solo O/S06/Aug/07Long Quarry Point
The Lynch7b+ ***Lead RP06/Aug/07Anstey's Cove
Magical Mystery Tour 16a+ ***Solo O/S05/Aug/07Berry Head (The Old Redoubt)
Soul SacrificeE3 5b ***2nd O/S03/Aug/07Boulder Ruckle
Mother AfricaE4 6a ***Lead O/S03/Aug/07Boulder Ruckle
Spirits Rising7b Lead RP02/Aug/07Promenade
Geordie Pride7a *Lead RP02/Aug/07Promenade
BarracudaE4 5c **Lead O/S31/Jul/07Boulder Ruckle
Barrel Traverse6c ***Solo O/S29/Jul/07Barrel Zawn (aka Caerbwda Bay)
Hippy4c *Solo O/S29/Jul/07Barrel Zawn (aka Caerbwda Bay)
True Blue4c Solo O/S29/Jul/07Barrel Zawn (aka Caerbwda Bay)
Mouse Claws6b Solo O/S29/Jul/07Barrel Zawn (aka Caerbwda Bay)
Snake Pass6b+ *Solo O/S29/Jul/07Barrel Zawn (aka Caerbwda Bay)
Drake's Drum7a *Solo O/S29/Jul/07Barrel Zawn (aka Caerbwda Bay)
Barrel Traverse Extension6c **Solo O/S29/Jul/07Barrel Zawn (aka Caerbwda Bay)
Rainbow Scoop6c ***Solo O/S28/Jul/07Berry Head (The Old Redoubt)
Mellow YellowVS 4c **Lead O/S24/Jul/07Subluminal
AstridHVS 5a **Lead O/S24/Jul/07Subluminal
Sweet SixteenE5 6a *Lead24/Jul/07Subluminal
All Apologies7a+ *Lead O/S19/Jul/07Promenade
Down in the Sewer7b **Lead19/Jul/07Promenade
Quakin' in My Bones7a+ *Lead O/S17/Jul/07Blacknor North
Drag Racing Underground6c+ **Lead O/S17/Jul/07Blacknor North
Beer and Corruption7a *Lead O/S17/Jul/07Blacknor North
Henry Rollins for President7a+ Lead O/S17/Jul/07Blacknor North
Troll Team Special7b **Lead14/Jul/07Wallsend South
Peace in the Nineties6b+ *Lead O/S14/Jul/07Wallsend South
Tea Cakes Calling7a *Lead O/S14/Jul/07Wallsend South
Black SunshineHVS 4c *Lead O/S13/Jul/07Boulder Ruckle